Sunday, 23 September 2012

Accessories of the Week #3

Hey everyone !
This is my third accessories of the week, Yes my third - Where's the weeks gone ?
Here they are !


 My make-up is natural everyday make-up.
My hair's in a side ponytail with my brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories.
My nails are Essence Colour & Go in this glittery burgundy colour I forget it's name.
I'm wearing a mood ring which changes colour in sunlight, Darkness, etc. - Me & my friend were obsessed with it, We kept moving it in Religion to change it's colour !

My make-up is the same as Monday.
My hair's down straight with a black flower clip from Dunnes Stores.
My nails are the same as Monday.
I've P.E first thing on Tuesday soo I just wear in my gear to save time.
I also brought in Impulse Into Glamour body spray for P.E & all.

On Wednesday, I wore my hair down straight & I braided my side fringe thingy back, because it always annoys me & I clipped it back with a clip from the pharmacy and then I'm also wearing a champagne coloured flower clip.

On Thursday, I wore my hair in a ponytail & braided my side fringe thingy back again with a Claires Accessories clip.
It's not in this photo, but I also wore my feathered & jeweled hairband that I bought in Dunnes Stores.

On Friday, I wore my hair down in ringlets with my turquoise rose hairband from Pulse Accessories.
I had to plait my hair in six plaits the night before to get it all curly and in ringlets - I looked like some Aztec or Inca out of my history book !
My nails are Essence Colour & Go in two orange and pink shades which I once again can't remember the names of the shades !
Also, Look at my little art masterpiece that I drew on my hand in Gaeilge - The delights that come from boredom !

They're my accessories this week & I hope you enjoyed reading this.
I think I might take a break from doing them next week & see what happens, because alot of them are all the same - Comment below and tell me whether you's think I should continue them or not !

Grace x


  1. Hey! I love your nails! please check out mine on my blog, i've only got 2 because it's just new but i think you'll like them. xx

  2. Ooooh I used to love mood rings. I always hunt mood ring stalls down at carboots :'). I'm a new follower, sweet blog girly! You can check out and follow my blog if you wish at

    Tata, leah xox

    1. Thanks for the follow ! Will follow back :)) xx


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