Friday, 7 September 2012

MTV VMA's 2012 Premiere Outfits

Hi everyone !
This evening I'm going to share my thoughts on the outfits worn at the 2012 MTV VMA's.
There were alot of daring outfits worn this year, but as usual my opinion will be positive and not negative, but true !
Also, These photo's aren't mine obviously, I found them on !

Emma Watson's outfit is definitely my favourite !
The patterns and styles of the shirt and skirt she wears really suits her hair that she's growing again, Her amazing shoes & her natural make-up.

 Alot of celebrities have been wearing this white suit sort of outfit, Although with Taylor's red lippie and hair you'd think that it would look too much making her look twice her age, but amazing she pulls it off ! I also love her red nails and simple silver ring, because I can see that closely "

I love the patterns on this dress, but I'm not sure about the whole dress in full, It looks a bit too much, but I love Katy Perry's hair and earrings.

Rihanna looks amazing here ! It really proves that the simpler outfits can stand out more than the extravagant ones. I love her hair with her plain white dress and the red lippie finishes the look perfectly.
Not sure about the full outfit, but I love Nicki Minaj's shoes !
Demi Lovato looks great as always - Her galaxy style dress is right on trend !
Can you believe that it's not designer ? Nope, Demi's dress is from Topshop.

Alot of people aren't a fan of Miley's new hair, but personally I love it !
Her dress makes her hair look really pretty and the clutch finishes it with a touch of sparkle.

I don't know about Rita Ora's outfit, but I do love her hair !
It shows what you can do with shoulder length hair.

If you didn't know, This is the American female gymnasts team !
I think they all look lovely, but most of all I love their hair !

That's all the outfits worn at the VMA's I decided to comment on !
Which outfit is your favourite ?

Grace x


  1. A lot of hits and misses for me! I absolutely love Emma and Miley's looks!

    1. same - I think alot of the outfits were either too much or just didn't suit them

  2. I love Miley's Look here! She is stunning and cool! love her. i love emma's look too.;0


  3. I love Demi's outfit! It's such an amazing dress I want it!

    1. Same ! She looks brill after everything she's gone through :))

  4. Miley look stunning. I love it. I love rihanna's look as well. Not into Nicki Minaj or Rita Ora's looks.

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