Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Favourite Autumn / Winter Accessories

Hi everyone !
Today I'm showing yous my favourite accessories to wear in the harsh winter as you can tell by the title !
I look like I've a cold nose in the first photo even though I took the photo's in August ... When it was fairly warm.

Scarfs - Scarves are a must have for winter weather and alot people wear them all year around which defeats the purpose I guess, but my point is that scarves come in all different styles and look really cool !
My Mam knitted the first one below which is super cool and cosy when it comes to winter, The second one in got in Penneys, The third from Dunnes Stores & the fourth could be from Dunnes too.

Gloves - I only wear gloves in the morning during the winter, because my hands are always freezing during the winter mornings & then my hands go all frosty. Highlight the fact that I never wear the neon striped glove fashion that was in a year ago !!!! The gloves below I think were from Dunnes Stores - I've a rare idea !

Hats - I love winter hats ! It's the 22nd of September & I'm wearing my red one right now ! The only annoying thing is that I have to take my hair accessories off when I've a hat on ! My favourite type of winter hats are beany style hats & hats with the plaits ! The purple & red hats below are from Dunnes Stores & the hat with the plait is from Penneys.

They're my favourite accessories for autumn & winter - Thanks for reading !
Grace x


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