Thursday, 13 September 2012

New-Age Candy Eye Make-Up Tutorial

Hey everyone !
On the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday weekend, I wore green and purple eyeshadow with blue eye-pencil and my friends loved it & soo did some of you's soo here's my New-Age Candy Eye Make-Up Tutorial !

*Sorry for my hairy eyebrows bleuhh*

Using : Essence Quattro palette in Party Animal, Essence metallic eyeshadow in Disco Diva, Collection (2000.) Intense Colour eye-pencil, Essence Multi Action smokey eyes mascara.

1. From the corner of your eye, Begin applying the purple eye-shadow making it fade at bit as you get closer to the middle. Stop at the middle of your eyelid.
2. From the crease which is like the opposite like the outside end of your eyelid, Start applying a light or mint green eye-shadow again fading as you get closer to the middle. Stop at the middle once again.
3. Apply a blue eyepencil lightly under the eye.
4. Finish off with an exaggerated,  but not heavy loaded layer of mascara.

That's the tutorial & I hope you's like it.
Grace x


  1. Gorgeous tutorial! I'm following and hope you follow me back!

  2. Uh you're like 9 and you suck at makeup. Please get off the internet and do something more productive and read a book or something.


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