Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sand & Sea Eye Make-Up Tutorial

Hi everyone !
 Today I'm going to be showing you's an eye look that you can wear in summer and autumn !
I call it "sand & sea" because it looks like a golden beach with turquoise waters that you see in the Caribbean and here's the written tutorial !

1. Prime your eyelids using eye primer or concealer - Personally speaking, I use concealer, because it looks exactly like eye primer and also it's not like I wear make-up for like 24 hours !
2. Apply a light beige eyeshadow to your eyelids and then apply some golden brown eyeshadow on top.
3. Using any shade of blue eye-pencil, Apply a line on your lashline. Also, The eye-pencil I'm using is suppose to be dark blue, but it turned out turquoise. Eye pencils can fade even before you buy them !
4. Finally add a layer of mascara and clean up any mistakes using concealer on a cotton bud or whatever you call them !
5. If you want to add to your lips, A baby pink lipgloss or red lipstick fits in with the sand & sea look. Although painting your lips glittery gold might be going a bit to far !

Thanks for reading & have a great day !
Grace x

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