Tuesday, 4 September 2012

S/OOTD : September Sundays

Hi everyone !
Soo I was gonna post this outfit tomorrow or something, but I got most of my homework done in free Gaeilge class today and I was on the internet for Music homework anyway soo I'm going to take advantage of this free time I have before I study for dreaded Science !

Soo this is my outfit - Like I said before, I love wearing florals & spring styles in September, because September is spring to me which some of you's might find strange, Not weird ... Weird is good, As long as it's not weird-o !

H&M floral dress
Dunnes Stores red cardigan
Dunnes Stores mint blue plaited belt
Tesco tights
Dunnes Stores red leopard print boots
Turquoise rose hairband
Sekonda watch

Hair curled by leaving French plaits in over night.

That's my outfit & I hope you's all like it !
Grace x


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