Sunday, 2 September 2012

Summer Favourites !

Hey everyone !
Today I'm posting a small blogpost about my summer favourites as you can tell by the title !
I just have a mixture of things that I loved this morning and all that shizzle !
By the way, I know that I posted two blogposts yesterday and I'm posting again today, but I'm trying to post mainly at the weekends soo sorry if I'm clogging up your feed !

Mrs. Brown's Boys DVD : If you read my blog alot, You probably know by now that I love Mrs. Brown's Boys ! I watch it like the whole time on my portable DVD player when my rabbits come inside and it's just hilarious and the fact that it's Irish makes it even more funny !
Essence Colour & Go nail polish in Choose Me !* : Sorry for the quality of the photo,  I know you probably can't see the real colour of the nail polish ! Beauty Guru's have been going crazy for this  particular nail polish all summer and in July I decided to join in and try it out. I wore it over the Bank Holiday weekend and it's the perfect nail polish you can wear during every season !
Boots Botanical paddle brush : I've only been using this hair brush less than a week, but it's really easy to use - My experience with hair brushes ahem we meet very rarely, but this one dosen't exactly pull my hair, but it massages the scalp and makes your head feel really fresh after brushing.
Essence Multi-Action Smokey Eyes mascara : I wear this mascara every day and it never fails ! Essence don't sell the particular "Smokey Eyes" one anymore, but they do have waterproof, False lash, Blackest black and basic in their Multi-Action mascara range. 
Essence Tint It ! Lipgloss / Lip stain in Turn To Crazy : I started wearing this lipgloss in July, because it stays on all day and I've after bought a second one to wear to school. Essence have discontinued it soo if you're looking to buy it look around pharmacies quick !

* Essence Colour & Go in Choose Me ! review :

They're my summer favourites and I hope you enjoyed this blogpost !
Grace x


  1. Hi! I just found your blog and it's really cute! I've only just started blogging myself :) I've followed your blog and could you maybe look at mine? ( Thanks!
    p.s. You're really pretty and I love your hair! :)

    1. Thank you :DD ! Of course I'll follow your blog :))

  2. Great blog ;) Maybe u wanna follow each other?
    Keep in touch.

  3. I love Mrs Brown's boys. It's so funny!
    Great favourites! :)


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