Sunday, 16 September 2012

Too Old For The Playground

Hey everyone !
This is the outfit I wore yesterday & I hope you like it !

Wearing : Penneys Basics red tee, Underneath is Dunnes Stores vest top, H&M purple leopard print shorts, Dunnes Stores red leopard print boots, Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories, Tesco tights, Penneys I think pink and brown necklace, Old green ring.

Hair worn in two buns.
Nails are Essence Multi Dimensional coral orange nail polish, Essence French manicure nail polish.

Look - It's neat and tidy gel eyeliner !
I'm using Essence's long lasting gel eyeliner in 03 Berlin Rocks and omigodd !
As some of you's know I have Sensory Processing Disorder and Dyspraxia soo getting a straight neat gel eyeliner line is like really hard !
It's took like five cotton buds with make-up remover and about fifteen minutes of concentration to get it right & I'm still soo happy yee-heeee !

lololol I'll be on later !
Grace x


  1. Oh my gosh, your eyes are soooo blue! By the way, saw the "blog I'm addicted to" thing... Made my week!

    1. lol I know :P ! And I'm glad you saw it :))

  2. cutest thing ever! how old are you?
    your blog is SO cute!
    i follow you now
    if you like, check out mine and follow maybe? :)

    1. Thanks for the follow - Will follow back ! I'm in my early teens :))


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