Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hallowe'en Tutorial #1 ~ Enchanted Mystical Eyes

Hi everyone !
Today I'm doing a tutorial for enchanted mystical eyes for Hallowe'en !
It took me a good while to do soo I do hope you's enjoy it !


The aim is to make your eyes look magical and fairy like - You can use liquid eyeliner to achieve this too !
My inspiration was the colours in the film Barbie & The Nutcracker


The finished result should look really magical and like you're in a land of fairies of something !
Here's my finished result.
You should team this look up with light pink lips and pale natural make-up.
Now all you have to think about is your outfit !

I hope you's enjoyed my first Hallowe'en tutorial !
I'll be making more over the coming weekends soo comment below with your ideas !

Grace x


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