Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hallowe'en Tutorial #2 - Cheetah Eyes !

Hi everyone ! 

Before I start this tutorial, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Gaby of Don't Need Make-Up To Cover Up  which I'll leave the link to at the end who guest blogged here on Dainty Sprinkles last Sunday - I love her lipstick in it !
I'm going to have a guest blogpost once a month here, but November's guest blogger has already been chosen sorry ! On About Me & Contact, I have whether the guest blogger has been chosen or not soo keep an eye on there each month !

As for today's blogpost, Today I'm doing a Hallowe'en tutorial for cheetah or leopard eyes !
You might notice that I haven't edited the tutorial this week like I did last week, but I'm basically trying out different ways of posting my tutorials next week soo bear with me & enjoy the tutorial !

1. First I'm using this bronze lipgloss to paint my lips. You can put one thin layer on to make it look natural or apply several layers to have a more bronzy look.

 2. Next I use Essence Quattro palette in Ciao Bella on my eyelids. 
First I use the third shade of the palette and then I use the second shade to tone down the deepness of the third shade.

3. Now for the cheetah print part ! For the cheetah eyes, I start with applying the yellow eyeshadow of Essence Quattro palette in 07 Party Animal to the brow bone.

 4. To add the print, I use the third shade in my Essence Quattro palette in Ciao Bella to apply round prints ontop of the yellow eyeshadow. Below is my eyes soo far.

5. I'm now adding little touches to make it more animal like ! I'm applying white Essence Metallic eye pencil to underneath my eyes to highlight them. Then I apply I Love ... Mango & Papaya glossy lip balm to my eyebrows to slick them down while giving them some yellow colour to match in with the print. I also apply Essence Mosiac Bronzing powder to my cheeks to bronze them.

6. Finally I'm using Essence liquid eyeliner for the whiskers !

This is my final look !

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial - Thanks for reading !

Grace x


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