Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween tutorial- Minnie Mouse tutorial and outfit :)

Hi :)
Im Gaby from Dont need makeup to cover up and Im delighted to be doing a guest blogpost on Dainty Sprinkles which is my favourite blog, thanks for Grace for inviting me to do so.

Today Im starting my Halloween series, which I am very excited about. The first tutorial I am going to do is a Minnie Mouse tutorial and outfit. So stay tuned...

First off I will show you the products I used for the look.
  1. Red blush
  2. Ruby Design eyeshadow
  3. Cherry lipbalm
  4. Ruby Design red lipstick
  5. Natural Collection Lash definiate mascara in brown
  6. Black eyeliner
  7. 17 bronzed cream blush

So thats the products I used now the steps to the look :

  1. You can apply a foundation, powder or some sort of coverage, I decided not to.
  2. Apply a red blush, more than 1 coat for the Minnie Mouse look.
  3. Next apply a blue eyeshadow, I used Ruby Designs blue eyeshadow.
  4. Now apply your red Minnie lips, you can apply a lipbalm or gloss before it. I applied a cherry lipbalm and then my Ruby Design lipstick in red.
  5. Now apply your mascara, add about 3 to 5 coats to get them Minnie eyes.
  6. Then apply a black eyeliner, I applied it to my waterline.
  7. The last step is your own choice to do it or not, but I applied my 17 bronzed cream blush to my browbone as a highlighter.

So thats my makeup now my hair. For my hair I put it up into a messy bun and then added my Minnie mouse ears from Disneyland but you can get them in alot of places.

And the last thing is my outfit. For your outfit you could wear something red and black or something red with black dots ( and vice-verse).
I wore this dress from a shop in Dundrum shopping center (sorry i cant remember the name) and you can wear tights with it if you want.

Then for your shoes you can wear red or black shoes. I wore read pumps and black pumps.


Me and my look alike-

So thats the first post in my Halloween series.
Hope you enjoyed it.
 I definately enjoyed doing a guest post on Dainty Sprinkles.
Leave your thoughts below.
Trust me I dont look like this everyday :)
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Instagram- @Dontneedmakeuptocoverup_
Thanks Gaby :)x


  1. Thanks Gaby !!! The tutorial's amazing :DD I love your lipstick :))

  2. this is so cute! you did a great job :)


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