Thursday, 18 October 2012

I Hate Studying.

Hi everyone !

Because it's another week & a day to mid-term break, My teachers have decided to give us the lovely gift of mid-term tests !

I have two tests tomorrow.
A Maths test on three and a half chapters and a History test on two chapters.
And I genuinely don't even understand what I'm actually doing in Maths.
I suppose it's 30-odd pages of Maths I learn and when I go to do them ... Hahh.

 Dad's Silly Triangle, Yes, Dad's silly triangle is really silly. My friend says Distance Time Speed instead of Distance Speed Time soo I can't confuse her by saying the mnemonic !
 Area and Circumference ... Seriously, Who actually has time for Pi ? 3.14, The worst figure in the world. What's even the difference between circumference & area ? Apparently circumference is the distance or something.
Jean Calvin was crazy. Why do I need to learn about crazy people in History ? Sad face :Sad Face: .

I better go back to studying grr,
Grace x


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