Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October / Halloween Haul

Hi everyone !

Today I'm doing a haul of October and Halloween.
Some of the photo's I cropped & they look a bit odd sorry !

My aunt gave me this pink handbag. It's really pretty and cute - I say I'll wear it alot during the weekends, because it'll hold my mobile and wallet without having to squash them in or having them in the middle of a huge empty bag !

My aunt (another aunt - I have a few aunts !) and nanny were in Scotland a while ago & they brought back these lovely fingerless mittens ! My other gloves are too small and I really wanted to get a pair of mittens soo these I say I'll wear for the majority of the winter when it gets cold ! Brr !

My friend bought me a stone a few weeks ago when we were in town - I think this one is for protection. I owe her a stone next time we're in town !

Kiss magazine came in the post late as usual !
I loved the issue - Especially their fashion section !
Then I saw the alternative smokey eye with a green eyepencil and I'm here like "hahh I did that months ago !"

 I finally bought a glow in the dark nail polish !
It was only 1.49 in Tesco which I suppose is value for the money, because it's not the greatest nail polish in the world like it peels off like glue or stick tape, but it does glow in the dark for real !

 I bought this Essence kajal eyepencil mainly for Halloween, but also because I lost my heavy MUA one.
I've already started experimenting !

I'm sharing these two nail polishes with my mam & I'm actually wearing them right now on my nails with black nail polish for Halloween !

This hairpiece I bought in Dealz is part of my Halloween costume this year.
It suprising looks great & I can't wait to wear it on Friday !

This Essence lipstick I bought is also for my Halloween costume !
I went looking for a plum lipstick, but they were all ten and eleven euros.
I'm going to apply a teeny bit of my vampy red lipgloss on top of this to keep it gothic.

That's my October & Halloween haul.
I hope you's enjoy it and have a brilliant Halloween !

Grace x


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