Friday, 30 November 2012

❄♥ All Wrapped Up ♥ ❄

Hi everyone !

The Late Late Toy Show is on tonight and that means it's Christmas time and that also means it's time for me to announce this year's Dainty Sprinkles Christmas plans !
* Drumroll please *

This year I'm doing twenty days of "❄♥ All Wrapped Up ♥ " !
I'll be starting with smaller posts and by the final days before Christmas the posts will be big I suppose.
I'm going to be posting D.I.Y pressie ideas, General pressie ideas, Blogs, Christmas outfits and more !
And there'll be a post every day.

It's quite fortunate that the twenty days begin on the day my Christmas Exams end !
The twenty days won't include Christmas day sorry and will start on Wednesday 5th December and end on December 24th.
I obviously won't be blogging on Christmas day, but I will have my outfit and all that up the day after !

One of the best things I'm looking forward to doing is tracking Santa on on Christmas !
In previous years me and a friend of mine would blog about it all day on our blogs, but I'm not sure if my friend blogs anymore soo yea, but if any of you's are using Norad Santa this year tell me - I'd prefer not to be the only big kid still addicted to a Santa Tracking website on Christmas Eve !!!
I usually get up at about 7am to start at 7.30am and then take breaks throughout the day and stop mid evening.
Except this year we're visiting neighbours and and all so I don't know how long I'll be able to track and all that so I am doing a live blog ! Yes, I am crazy to even think of blogging whenever I can about my day and Norad Tracks Santa, but it is Christmas Eve and I don't give two monkeys !
UPDATE : Myself & my friend are tracking Santa on Christmas Eve ! I'm so excited ! More information to come soon !

This evening I just finished a haul except I was just in the door twenty minutes and I still had my coat and hat and mittens on and all and my battery kept dying. And I couldn't get the right lighting, because it was so dark - Biggest pain in the ass trying to find a place in my bedroom with decent lighting. Eventually I did.
So yes, That's grand, but then I'm in my pyjamas at this stage when I remember I forgot to take a photo of a few bits and pieces. Have to set everything up all over again and that takes even longer, because my camera's battery likes dying every 30 seconds.

Also, The twenty days of posts means that there won't be any Weekend Wonders until after Christmas, Sorry !

I'm also going to be doing a Q&A (Questions & Answers post !) the weekend of Christmas !
It won't be in video or anything because Blogspot is annoying and stubborn when it comes to uploading so it will be in text form.
So Tweet me or comment below with your questions ! They can by be festive or just general questions and you can ask more than one obviously !

Anyway, Come back here in thirteen days time to read All Wrapped Up #1 !
And in the meantime keep an eye on Dainty Sprinkles by following with your Blogger, Google + or Twitter account !
Aaahhhh I can't wait to watch the Toy Show !

Grace x


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Inside Out Strawberry Nails

Hi everyone !

Today I'm showing you's my nails right now.
 I'm using Essence Colour & Go in Lime Up ! and Ultimate Pink.

I painted my nails using Lime Up ! first.
Then when they were dry I painted the tips using Ultimate Pink.
I think these colours go really well together and for a festive touch during the month of December by exchanging the pink nail polish for a red nail polish.

Grace x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tweet Week #2

All the homework and studying
Plum has gone huuuge !
Updating pages !
Plum and Truffle refuse to eat carrots
I loved my cosy winter outfit 
..... And my make-up 
Saw this on Facebook - So adorable !
Galaxy for break on Friday <3
Both above are the amusement that is my French hardback.
How many genres of French peas will I learn ? :D
I found this photo of me last Christmas. 
Starting Christmas shopping !

Grace x


Saturday, 24 November 2012

*~* Weekend Wonders #'2

Hey everyone !

This is my second Weekend Wonders and I was unsure what people would think of it, but I got some really good feedback that encouraged me to continue doing them.

Today I'm doing wardrobe essentials, Study tips and winter looks.
And then I thought my Christmas exams would be on the week we got our holidays, but no, They're the first week of December which drove me to also talk about studying !

Also, I'm still looking for a December guest blogger !
Don't forget to check out About & Contact on the sidebar if you're interested.
And I'm definitely doing a rabbit photoshoot in a few weeks, Probably after my exams or when the Christmas decorations are up and it will be festive themed !
I don't know whether to put this in a Weekend Wonders or in a seperate post soo tell me what you think I should do in the comment box thanks !
And that's all the news // announcements I had to tell you.
And first up !


Soo this will be my last week of studying before my Christmas Exams and I thought I'd share how I study, etc. with you all.

If you're wondering when my exams are, My Christmas Exams start on the 3rd December.
I get stressed very easily - I'm mainly always stressed and when it comes around to exams I'm like "Noooo !" cos I just panic. And my exams were on the week we got our Christmas holidays last year in my old school, but now in the school I moved to we have Christmas exams on the first week of December.
That can be a good thing and a bad thing I suppose.
I only spent one week studying for my Christmas exams last year and although it worked and I got really good results back that I was happy with, I've decided to study for two weeks this Christmas, because even though my friends say they're only gonna spend a week or soo studying, I know I'll probably get really stressed and all soo I'm preparing earlier !
Here's how I keep sane I suppose while studying - You could call them tips, but I don't want to sound patronizing and all !

  • Remember not to get too stressed ! If you're happy with the work you've put in, You'll know you did your best.
  • It's important to take 5-10 minute breaks every twenty or thirty minutes. I usually spend about 20 or 30 minutes on each subject depending on how much I'm going to cover. I know alot of "experts" mightn't agree with what I'm now going to say, but if I say to myself "ok if I get this done I can go on the laptop for five minutes or get something to eat" it encourages & drives me to get the studying done !!! Make sure you have a goal !
  • Set a study timetable ! I always plan out my studying the Sunday before I start. I'll post a photo of it before my exams, because it's really cool and I've customised it !
  • If you're unsure what sections of a subject you should concentrate on and what not to spend much time on, Ask your teachers in advance what may be coming up on your exam.
  • Make sure that the nights before your exams that you only have to briefly look over your notes. All your main studying should be finished by then soo you won't need to worry too much the night before !

They're my staying sane studying tips !
My exams don't start until the 3rd December soo I'm *trying* not to worry !!!


This week, I'm rambling about casual wardrobe essentials.
Yes, Those days that you've no idea what to wear and you're like "Omigodd I've like nothing to wear" even though you probably do have something to wear and that's when you're casual wardrobe essentials come in !
It's like a LBD - Everyone needs one in their wardrobe !
And also must I dare to mention the word Christmas this early, but if you've been good all year maybe you can convince Santa to bring you one of these, Right ?
Note that I have reluctantly included a pair of skinny jeans, I can't wear skinny jeans because they make me feel weird and all, but they are probably an essential in most people's wardrobes amen't I right ?
Also none of the following photo's are my own and belong to

Acid wash €17.99 New Look

Black skater €7.99 New Look

Burgandy texture knit €19.99 New Look

Skater €11.99 New Look

Turn ups €11.99 New Look

Cosmic €11.99 New Look

Penguin jumper €19.99 New Look.


This is a half light half heavy winter look !
I hadn't done my eyebrows yet when I took these photo's, but my eyes and pale pink and a touch of purple using Next's Gorgeous Girl Lips, Eyes and Face palette which creates the light half of the look.
I'm using a darker pink Essence lipstick on my lips for the heavier half of the look.
My lips are very pink-red anyway so the lipstick won't overly stand out, but if you want your lipstick to look very pigmented on your lips be sure to apply a lip balm (Vaseline, Carmex, etc.) when you apply your moisturiser to allow time for it to sink in or whatever you call it.

Grace x


Winter is my Candy

Hi everyone !

It's freezing cold here in Ireland today proper winter, Best time of the year !
I love my outfit today and I'm so happy I wore my hair natural with it as well, because my hair's been getting me down since last year (few things said about it.) but I'm determined not to care whether my hair's a frizz ball and I've been putting mousse into it too !

Dunnes Stores jacket
Leggings and jumper both Penneys
Hat tank top and doc boots all Dunnes Stores
Fingerless mittens given to me from family relatives

Next Gorgeous Girl Lips, Eyes and Face Palette
Essence lipstick

Grace x


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tweet Week #1

Hi everyone !

This is like a "Week in photos"  from my Twitter account.
Enjoy & remember to follow me on Twitter @daintysprinkles !

L-R Ruby & Mabel wanted to go back around to the back.
I was in a garden centre & the light up ornaments looked beautiful ! The merry go round one is my favourite, because it played a song too.
Who likes the apple and cinnamon muffins me and my Mam baked ?
New Dainty Sprinkles header / title I made while watching Children In Need on Friday night !
Amen't I brilliant drawer ! Hahh joking. I think I did a good attempt though - Right ? It looks better in real life
The muffins again. They are really yummy.
The effect my pyjamas made on my thumbnail  last week is very cool
I was supposed to do a concealer review this weekend. Epic. Fail.
On Tuesday, I started fan-girling about Parma Violets. Yes, I know. Strange.
My other new love from a while ago is pomegranate !
My Mam baked this - Dosen't all the decorations sprinkles and icing and all look gorgeous ?