Wednesday, 14 November 2012

MTV EMAs 2012 Outfits

Hi everyone !

The MTV EMA's were on last night or maybe it was the night before, but I won't get to watch them for another week cos I don't have MTV soo I'll probably watch it on Viva or 4Music whenever they decide to air it.
I have found photo's of the outfits worn on the internet and here's my *trying to be* positive opinions on the outfits worn at the MTV EMAs 2012.

Alicia Keys
I'm not a big fan of this outfit.
I love her hair, Lipstick, Dress, Dress colour and shoes, but I just think they all look a tad bit too much all together in the same outfit ! I love her hair, but it just looks a bit too much with the green coloured dress.

Carly Rae Jepsen
I wouldn't have picked this dress to wear, but the colour suits her pinky skin colour, Red liptick and nail polish and dark brown hair. I do think that her hairstyle could be a bit too heavy with the liptick and all.
But all together, It is very pretty.

Jedward's onesies or suits or whatever they're wearing looks pretty cool actually - Who knows, They could've gone with Lady Gaga seeing as they're suits match with her lipstick !

Kim Kardashian
Not a big fan of this outfit at all. I actually love the skirt, It's really pretty and different and crazy  and I love her classy shoes too. If they had been worn with a slightly different train and top, It would've looked amazing on her.

Lady Gaga
Wow I love this dress ! Instead of typically wearing the dress to the knee like a bodycon, Lady Gaga has worn this dress full length and it actually looks really amazing. I'm also loving her blue lipstick and eye make-up !

Lana Del Rey
The colour and style of this dress is timeless. Alot of people including me would think that Lana Del Rey's hair is unflattering and dosen't do this dress justice, but I think the style of the hair looks like it's from the same era as the style of the dress.

Rita Ora
Wow. Can I please have this dress now ? Rita Ora can pull off any outfit at all. This dress is beautiful. It is soo OTT and crazy yet still elegant without looking "Omigod I'm a Barbie princess." ! Can I please have this dress and the hair now ? Wow. 

Taylor Swift
Like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift has gone for a full length dress except this plainer and simpler. I think Taylor Swift's simple hair and make-up really highlights this beautiful dress.

They're my favourites from the MTV EMAs 2012.
What are your favourites ?
Also what do you think of my new header / title I made ?

Grace x


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