Thursday, 1 November 2012

Outfits of the Week #3 ~ Halloween Inspired

Hi everyone !

As promised back at the end of summer, I'm back with my third outfit of the week, Except this one is Halloween inspired !
I only did five days, Saturday til Wednesday.
My other Halloween outfit for tomorrow night will be up over the weekend if you're wondering !

SATURDAY ~ Peasant

Hey everyone, Today I'm a "peasant" !
I'm going to visit my Nan in Dublin and I've worn very little make-up & my hair half up.

~ Jumper from F&F
~ Maxi dress underneath from Next
~ Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories
~ Red leopard print doc boots

SUNDAY ~ What am I anyway


Today I went home soo I wore mainly the same clothes.
I've no idea what I am - If you've any ideas, Comment below with them !

~ Jumper from Penneys
~ Again maxi dress underneath from Next
~ Brown leather bow hairband from Pulse Accessories
~ Red leopard print boots, Denim jacket, Scarf all from Dunnes Stores

MONDAY ~ Witch colours

Hi again ! Today I'm wearing witch colours and you's know me - I hate dressing up as a witch, but I adore witch inspired colours and clothes ! Pretty creepy !

~  T-shirt from Penneys
~ Cardigan, Denim jacket, Tracksuit bottoms all from Dunnes Stores. 
~ Brown leather bow hairband & turquoise rose hairband both from Pulse Accessories.
~ Runners are some brand beginning with O.

TUESDAY ~ Magical Tricks

Today I'm going sort of shopping and I'm wearing clothes that I think could have an illusional effect to them, Hence the dress. My hair was cooler later.

~ Jumper from Penneys
~ Dress underneath from Dunnes Stores
~ F&F tights
~ Black flower clip, Floral boots both from Dunnes Stores.

WEDNESDAY ~ Cheetah ! Happy Halloween !


Happy Halloween everyone !
Tonight I'm going to see Skyfall - I've been Tweeting all evening !
This is like my stand-by Halloween costume ! I'm a cheetah or something !
My family have been like "no don't draw on the whiskers and all" and I'm like "Hawhawhaw ! No."

~ Jumper, Leopard print leggings both from Penneys
~ Shorts from H&M.
~ Hoodie from Dunnes Stores.
~ Champagne coloured flower clip, Red leopard print boots both from Dunnes Stores.


Happy Halloween everyone !
Hope you's have a great mid-term & I'll be back tomorrow !

Grace x


  1. ALL OF THE OUTFITS are cute!!


  2. love the 2nd outfit and all your docs

  3. Lovely post to read and great style. Your maxi skirt and all your docs are amazing! Keep up the writing :)


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