Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tweet Week #2

All the homework and studying
Plum has gone huuuge !
Updating pages !
Plum and Truffle refuse to eat carrots
I loved my cosy winter outfit 
..... And my make-up 
Saw this on Facebook - So adorable !
Galaxy for break on Friday <3
Both above are the amusement that is my French hardback.
How many genres of French peas will I learn ? :D
I found this photo of me last Christmas. 
Starting Christmas shopping !

Grace x



  1. Cool photos :) are you on food on French ? Me too :)
    Gaby :)xx

    1. Thanks :) And yes we are that is so funny that we're both on the same chapter !!! We're learning all the different types of vegetables !!! xx

  2. nice pictures:) i really like the photo with the hat :)
    would you like to follow each other? I like your I follow you now.

  3. You look GORGEOUS in the sixth pic of you wearing make up! Absolutely stunning! Great post! xxx


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