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*~* Weekend Wonders #'1 *~* NEW !!!!

Bloopers up later !

Hey everyone !

I have a secret I've been hiding from you's a little while !
It's my new kind of blog series *~* Weekend Wonders*~* & yes I am going to do this continuously & not just a starting post that dosen't work out like The Raspberry - Eek !

I'm going to be doing Weekend Wonders once a fortnight, Every two weekends & it'll be make-up & DIY tutorials, Stuff like that.
I'm starting this weekend, because I worked out that the every two weeks will bring me right up to the weekend of Christmas and avoid the weekend of my Christmas exams !

Before I start, Just a little bit of news.
The November guest blogger has been chosen and will blog sometime during November, but the Decemeber guest blogger hasn't been chosen.
I'm looking for someone to do a Christmas related guest blogpost for the December guest blogpost and I've left all the information on the About & Contact page.
The link to this is - but there is a link on the sidebar.
If you've any questions, etc. comment here on this blogpost !
And that's what I was going to say.


Here's some seriously cute and furry winter accessories !
They're all under €10 & the photo's are from the websites I found them from. and and

Scarf €8 Dunnes Stores

Angora Beret €10 Dunnes Stores

Beret €4.95 H&M
Cable knit beret €8.90 Forever 21

Dalmation fur faux earmuffs €6.99 New Look

Fur faux collar €7.95 Forever 21

Hat €7.95 H&M

Panda ear muffs €6.99 New Look

Pom pom beanie €8.90 Forever 21

Mittens €9.95 H&M

And that's them all - I love the angora beret, The pom pom beanie & the faux fur collar and the earmuffs.
Which are your favourites ?


Here's a tutorial-ish for frost like lips without being actually frosty !


I'm using Essence XXL Shine Lipgloss & putting several coats on, I've created a shimmery frosty lip !


*** I was originally going to do this as a separate post ***

Hi everyone !

Today I feel awful, because I've a virus or something soo I thought I'd cheer myself and anyone else who feels awful by doing a giving my top five annoying cheesy abbreviations that annoy & make some people cringe alot.
I'm not really like "Grr these abbreviations need to be illegalised" in all capital locks.
No I just have an awkward sense of humour.
Also, These aren't to "insult" people, It's not pointing at people I might know, It's just my weird sense of humour !


Yo-lo. Oh-no. No-no. YOLO became a kind of "normal" thing at the start of 2012 and I can honestly say I've never said YOLO without sarcasm. I don't really see the point of saying "Oh yea I hate cheese, but I tried some anyway cos *yano* like YOLO !!!!" out loud in the middle of a conversation. Also, I kind of believe in reincarnation & I'm not being sarcastic, but yeaa I couldn't see myself screaming "You only live once !"

2. Hun

I took it looking down at the camera.
Get it ?! Patronising looking down.

Hun short for honey. Used alot by teenagers & tweenagers  today in text messaging, etc. .
Personally I think it's a bit patronising if someone the same age as you or worse if they're younger than you, Starts chatting to you in chat and is like "how are you hun" and I'm there thinking "If you're my mam or a relative or an adult I know I wouldn't mind, but you're not !". I have used "hun" in my answer a few times, but I wasn't being serious as such !

3. bbz :*

You might want to click on these to read them.

bbz :* short for babes *kiss*. Loads of girls would use this when talking to their friends, For example they might comment on a friend's profile photo on Facebook and say "*OMGZ that is SO pretty bbz :* :*".
None of my friends say "bbz :*" & neither do I soo I tend to have to hold back the urge to say to that person the next day "OMIGOD ! I LOVE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE BABES ! SOO PRETTY !"
I don't though, I just keep a straight face :DD !

4. hul // hyl

This took me a half an hour to make.
Then it was too large to upload.
Then I had to resize it.
I don't mind hul or hyl as much. It stands for "who you loving" and I do admit I sometimes ask it when I'm running out of conversation which I awkwardly do alot ! But it is slightly annoying when I forget that one thing is never to say "some1 ;)) shh" or "no-one" because then you spiral into a three hour conversation of "who ? Can I guess ? Plzzzz ! Do you not trust me ?" In the situation of this awkward question, Become a sheep and follow the crowd. "Dunno" - The perfect answer :DD !

5. Over-use of #Hastag on Facebook

My attempt at Le Hashtag 
It's grand if your Tweets are directly posted to your Facebook, but one of my pet pet hates is when people over-use #hashtags on Facebook ! It dosen't matter if you only use it sometimes but when you use it five times in every single status. That's when I cringe & keep scrolling down - Sorry !!!

They're my top five abbreviations that sometimes annoy me !
What are your's ?


That's it for the 1st Weekend Wonder !
Thanks soo much for reading & don't forget to leave a comment below and give your ideas for the second Weekend Wonders in two weeks which will contain study tips and a DIY !

Grace x



  1. This post is so so cute. I really love all of the winter accessories - cute and super affordable! And I feel the same way about excessive hashtags on twitter - they are obnoxious!

    1. Thank you ! I hashtag sometimes on Twitter, but I just hate it when people hashtag on Facebook !


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