Sunday, 18 November 2012

Zaffre Blue Biscuits

Hi everyone !

This is an outfit I wore last Sunday.
I couldn't get my camera on the right settings and all soo the photo's aren't great sorry.

Also, Who's read Jane of Dorky Fizzy and Quirky Stuff 's guest blogpost about her favourite hair products ?
If you haven't read it you really should and I'll leave the link at the bottom.
Thanks a million Jane for stopping by - I love the blogpost !
Also, While I'm on the topic of guest blogposts, If you're interested in being December's guest blogger email or Tweet me please !

I really liked my outfit last weekend, because it was that neutral and bright colours style that's going around, but I kind of *improved* to it by wearing black too.
Although, I had to roll up my jumper, because it's as long as the dress !
Also, If you're wondering what Zaffre blue is it's a shade of blue I read about on Wikipedia and I think that's what this shade of blue is.

H&M blue dress.
F&F jumper.
F&F tights.
Dunnes Stores feather and jewel hairband.
Floral doc boots from Dunnes Stores.
Penneys jacket.

Thanks for reading !
I'm getting better in na maidin (the mornings as Gaeilge !) soo maybe Accessories of the Week soon ?
And look out for Weekend Wonders #2 next weekend !

Grace x

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