Friday, 7 December 2012

❄♥ All Wrapped Up ♥ ❄ #2 : Decorate for Christmas With Me !

Hi everyone !

This is second post in my ❄♥ All Wrapped Up ♥ ❄ series and this post has taken a while, because I've had to upload and edit loadsa photo's !
It's Christmas trees, Decorations and I hope you enjoyed it !

My Room

For my room, I put up just little cute decorations ! I also have a wall with little Christmas-associated figures on it all year round and I have close ups of them which I'll show you in another post !
I love tinsel except so there's a ton of it up ! Only problem is, I have to make sure they doesn't get to clogged with too much dust !

The Family Christmas Tree !

Here's the Christmas tree in our living room !
You can't really see the lights properly in this photo and the real colour though.
I also love our cushion covers for the festive season !

Decorate My Christmas Tree With Me !

I had so much fun decorating my Christmas tree in my room !
My Mam bought me lights for it in Dealz so it looks extra pretty !
My decorations I love, because some of them look really vintage, but I don't think they are, It's just that my family bought some new decorations for the tree in the living room so they gave me these little ones that they weren't using.
This year I put metallic and pearly beads on my tree, but they're a pain in the ass, because they keep falling off !

Hope you enjoyed this post !

Grace x

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  1. Aww this helped me get in a christmassy mood! Loving post and fab photos!

  2. *Meant to say lovely post! :)

  3. Love the post :)
    Your Christmas tree is so cool :)

  4. Greetings from Greece. Happy Christmas.

  5. such a nice post :)your blog is very good and interesting <3 im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Thank you :) ! Sure I'll visit your blog !

    2. Thank you :) ! I'll check out your blog for sure !

  6. I love your pink Christmas tree!!!! Awesome post...
    Happy Xmas xx

    1. Thanks :) ! Happy *early* Christmas to you too ! xx


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