Monday, 31 December 2012

Favourite Outfits of 2012

Hi everyone !

This is a post showing my favourite outfits I wore this year.
So many fashion bloggers have been posting these today so I figured I'd give it a go, Even if it was a little too late to do so - Explanation for the dodgy editing.
The first and second outfits are my above favourites out of all them - I couldn't choose between them both !
I was trying to explain them story behind them all, but I only got to the second one, I'll give it a quick go though.

Linked below, I also loved the first outfit here but I forgot to add it in this outfit !

First one was worn a summer morning when I did my summer make-up outside. I wanted cover my arms from the sun's harmful rays so I put a shawl back-to-front over my gorgeous maxi dress. It's an Avenue Maria type outfit I think and it kept me cooled.
The second one I adore, I've worn it more times than this. I loved the look of the pink crop top over the blue jersey dress. The colours look so good together.
My third outfit I wore on a cold Saturday in November. It was so cosy and kept me really warm and I loved it so much. The candy like colours matched my purple beanie hat !
The fourth outfit I wore during mid-term as part of a Halloween lookbook / outfits of the week. I loved the hippie-ish look of the denim jacket with the maxi dress, but obviously with a jumper for it was October !
The fifth outfit was worn on a Sunday during either late August or early September, I cannot remember, but if you read the post the outfit, I love the way the jumper sits over the dress and the collar sits out. The pink dress also matches my red beanie hat.
The sixth outfit is the outfit I wore on Christmas day. I fell in love with the navy coloured lace dress when I saw it, It's so elegant. I was originally going to wear my hair in two front french plaits, but then I only wore one, because I didn't have much time.
The seventh outfit is last but not least the outfit I wore into school on the non uniform day the last day before mid-term break. Of course me and my friend had to be among the very few who wore a dress and were subjected to odd looks from many people .... Who obviously loved being the same as everyone else in their skinny jeans ! I love this outfit, because the colours look slightly preppy !

Also, I don't have the patience to find links to all of these, but I will just for you's.
OUTFIT #5 ~ 
^^^ Whoop ! I found this finally ! xx ^^^

They're my favourite outfits that I wore during 2012.
I hope you's have a great New Year's Day and New Year's Eve and of course an even better 2013 !
I'm so sorry I haven't been able to do any Outfits of the Week or much interesting blogposts and all, but I'll try to blog more for the remainder of the holidays.

Grace x



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    1. Thank you ! Happy New Year to you too :D xx

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    1. Thanks :) Happy New Year to you too :D xx !

  3. great outfits. I finally have something new on my blog, if you havetime to check it out. Happy new year :)

    1. Thanks :) and sure I'll have a look - Happy New Year :D !


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