Friday, 21 December 2012

Santa Tracking Plan with Lucy (xmaslsantaltrackr.)

Hey everyone !

Me and Lucy ( have been talking about Christmas Eve on Monday and we will be Santa tracking on Christmas Eve this year so here's some facts about this year's Santa Tracking !

  • We use as usual and all Santa updates are copied from there.
  • We've been Santa Tracking on our blogs since we were twelve !
  • We'll be starting at 7am and we've decided it's best for both of us to finish at 5pm because we obviously have family commitments - It's Christmas Eve !!!!
  • Myself and Lucy will be busy during the day and are taking turns.
  • I'm blogging during the morning and stopping at noon.
  • Lucy won't be blogging for alot of the morning and will be blogging during the afternoon starting at noon.
  • We will probably and hopefully blog together towards the end of the afternoon.
  • Lucy will have posts about it Santa tracking and all coming up to Christmas Eve, You can read about it here ~
  •  Lucy will also be doing Stardoll shoutouts during Santa Tracking, She has about this on her blog.
  • I'll be doing follow me around bits on Christmas Eve too.
  • When we are taking turns, We'll also be posting on our collab blog ~
So that's the plan - We still have to make a plan to make sure Lucy wakes up on Christmas Eve morning seeing as she always sleeps in by accident hahh !

If you've any questions or better still if you're tracking Santa be sure to tell us in our comment boxes !

Norad Santa ~

Grace x


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