Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tis The Season Tag

Hey everyone !

The awesome Meghan of Mainly Meghan has created a dead cool Christmas tag and she tagged me to do her tag so thanks Meghan for tagging me and I'm off starting !

1. As of now how many sleeps until Christmas ?
I read on Facebook earlier that it is twenty four !

2. What is number one on your wishlist ?
I don't really want anything big this year & I know what I'm getting anyway, but if I had a dream wishlist it would be a Macbook on top, but that is not a realistic wishlist !

3. How do you get into the holiday spirit ?
The Christmas tree gets me into the holiday spirit ! Also I just generally listen to Christmas songs and watch as the wrapped gifts go underneath the Christmas tree !

4. What goes on on Christmas Eve at your house ?
Hahh. I track Santa on Christmas Eve. Basically whenever I'm at home, I'm online tracking Santa with my friend - More about that later ! We go into town sometimes as well, because it's a lovely festive atmosphere on Christmas Eve. This year we're also visiting our neighbours on Christmas Eve.

5. How does Santa operate at your house ? 
We leave out our stockings hanging on the fireplace and Santa leaves us sweets and little things like stationary or lipgloss or something in my case. When me and my brother were younger, Santa left us out very cool sacks that he put our bigger gifts in !

6. What's a tradition you love ?
Santa tracking obviously like I said earlier ! Me and my family buy a film every year and that's our Christmas film and we mark the DVD with the year on it ! Also on St. Stephan's Day / Boxing Day / December 26th - Basically the day after Christmas, Me and my family don't do much and that is fun, because it's just a do nothing day !

7. Do you give gifts ?
Yea ! I love Christmas shopping, It's one of my favourite thing about Christmas ! I hate wrapping gifts though, because the sellotape is annoying.

8. What's your favourite holiday drink ?
I have never had Starbucks before so I can only say I like the look of Starbucks. There's no Starbucks where I live ! I like hot diluted lemon !

9. What about your favourite food ?
I love it when my Mam makes brandy butter, Truffles, Rocky road and all ! She is the best baker when it comes to Christmas ! I also love the sticky sausages she makes !

10. What is your favourite Christmas movie ?
Nothing beats The Santa Clause 2 and Elf. Never.

11. If you worked in Santa's Workshop, What would you be doing ?
I'd be an elf duh ! An elf testing all the Apple products and make-up !

12. Can you do this tag ?
Everyone can.

I'm in a rush so I tag you's all & hope you's do it !

Grace x



  1. Thanks, I love it!


  2. What do you want for Christmas? Will you do a 'What I got for Christmas 2012' post?
    Love the tag! I have a Christmas tag that'll post soon and I'd love for you to do it!

    1. I'm gonna do loadsa Christmas tags so I'll definitely do your tag :D ! And sure I'll do a What I got for Christmas post :) !!!

  3. I have nominated you for the 'What An Adorable Blog! Award' for more information see my blog.
    Josie Xx

  4. Hey! I nominated you for the leibster award. All the details are at my blog :)

  5. Loved getting to know you better! Your blog is awesome and I can't wait to follow along!

    It’s An Easy Life


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