Saturday, 19 January 2013

Burgundy and Gold

Dunnes Stores chequered shorts | TK Maxx striped jumper | My school shirt | Dunnes Stores red leopard boots | Pulse Accessories brown leather bow hairband | Claires Accessories chunky necklace | Grey and silver studded belt taken off old jeans | Tights.
Hi everyone !

I went to watch the local Panto last night and this is the outfit I wore.
I thought the colours and the shirts would be a great combination, but I think now the bun in my hair doesn't go great with the outfit, but atleast the 'messy bun' worked out and didn't turn into the 'falling apart bun' !

I love my silver studded belt (the flash made the studs look multicoloured up close.) and the gold chunky necklace, I think they really finished off the outfit. I also tried applying my 17 lipstick with my baby finger and as you can see, The results of that attempt were slightly smudgy and bitty because I didn't put enough lip balm on underneath the lippie, but the red still stood out so I think it looked nice with the outfit.

Also have any of you's woken up to blankets of snow yet ?
Literally every British blog I read have photo's of their snowy gardens up, but I don't think it's reached alot of Ireland yet. Oh well, We still have plenty of time left to get some winter weather.

Grace x 


  1. You look really great! This outfit looks fantastic on you. Love your lip colour as well :)

  2. That's such a pretty outfit <3 I loved the shirt under the jumper! We've got a bit of snow :') Enough for my mum to give me the day off Friday.
    Loved this post!

    1. Thank you :D xx you're so lucky getting snow ! I think when Britain and Ireland gets snow the whole country shuts down hahh

  3. You have such an awesome sense of style! I'm serious! I love the way that you like to stand out from the crowd... Do you have a style inspiration?
    I think the bun goes well with the outfit! I love your OOTD posts... keep making more!
    Yeah there isn't much snow where I live yet but there has been some snowy sleet (if you know what I mean) I love snow so I hope it comes
    Sorry for such a long comment!
    Jane xx

    1. Thank you so much thats such a lovely comment :') I kinda just get my inspiration from loads of blogs I read I'd just think "Oh that kind of thing would look good with ..." and I've had the same snowy-sleety stuff too xx

  4. Love the post! I love these posts you should do more like them!
    Kate x

  5. We've had a little snow here but not enough.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  6. I love your outfit! Here in New Zealand it's still Summer (doesn't feel like it though) so we won't be seeing snow till around June :)

    Chelsea xx

    1. Thanks ! I wish it was summer right now - It's always raining :(


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