Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hidden Icicles

Hey everyone !

Today I went into town with my friends and because my flu's only gone a few days, I had to layer up !
I also wore the Essence eyeshadow 'Kermit Says Hello' that I received from my brother for Christmas.
I'm really happy how my eye makeup turned out - Even the liquid eyeliner went on surprisingly straight !
In town, The only thing I bought was the beautiful 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Showcase pictured above.

Grace is wearing
H&M blue jersey dress
White shawl (worn back to front as a top.)
Dunnes Stores hoodie
Green scarf (My Uncle gave me this for Christmas & I forgot to mention it and others in my post the other day.)
Red leopard print boots from Dunnes Stores
F&F @ Tesco tights
Purple beanie hat from Penneys 

I also wore my fingerless mittens and what do you think of my nails ?
Review coming soon !

Also forgot to say earlier I've updated my Blogroll ! There's a few new blogs and YouTube channels I've found !

Grace x



  1. Gorgeous outfit, love your fashion style, really unique.
    Love the nails, can't wait for the review :)xx

  2. love your nails and boots!

  3. your yellow eye shadow is so cute! i just adore the pop of color it gives to this look.

    lindsey louise


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