Friday, 15 February 2013

Decades Inspired Outfits of the Week, 11-15 February

Hi everyone, 

Outfits of the Week are back for Midterm Break and I decided that this time I would create "decade inspired" looks mingled in with my own style. This is also because each day I was creating decades inspired looks for upcoming tutorials which you'll all see in the next few weeks. Also my Mam took some of these photo's (Thank you Mam - I love you <3 !) and there's alot of photo's squashed in so don't forget to click on them to view them in more detail.


Penneys collared dress | Dunnes Stores cardigan | Handbag & tights both F&F | Brown leather bow hairband | Pattered brogues from local shoe shop

 Hi everyone 
Today's outfit is 60's inspired and I've decided to go for the preppy 'peter pan collared' dress and cute shoes look - Very 60's.
I am in LOVE with my new patterned brogues which I bought a few weeks ago on sale for only €20 which was a very good bargain ! I thought they'd add a preppier look to the outfit along with the collared dress and cardigan. I managed to find some coordination to plait my hair last night to curl my hair for a very 60's rollers in hair look, but then I discovered my plaits would look very preppy with this look so heck   I kept them in ! See you's tomorrow xx

Next maxi dress | Floral dress was my Mam's | Dunnes Stores floral doc boots, Feather-jewelled hairband | Bracelets unknown.

Hi everyone, You may guess that today's outfit was 70's inspired and I was going for the sixties-early seventies hippy-ish look. I adored this top that used to be my Mam's (not from the 70's btw !) and my floral maxi dress together especially with my beautiful feathered hairband and plaited hair too. I also decided to be productive today and add a few bracelets too. Happy Pancake Day !


Penneys jumper | Dunnes Stores shorts | Penneys t-shirt | F&F tights | Black flower clip | Dunnes Stores red leopard print boots.

Hi everyone, Today I was 80's / 90's grunge style because I really don't like the whole neon flamboyant eighty's look, but there is a comparison  between the grunge style of the ninety's and the doc boots and band tees of the eighty's so there was grunge in both decades. I don't really own a band or slogan tee or something so I wore my slogan-y jumper and chequered burgundy shorts with my red leopard print doc boots for a very grungy look and I didn't feel like backcombing my hair or anything so it's just in a plait and I also wore a different perfume today - So ... ? Fab which is a gorgeous fruity but glam scent. And also, It was Ash Wednesday and that's why I've my ashes on my head.

H&M jersey dress | Bella Moda polka dot crop-top | Forget where my blue cardigan is from | Turquoise rose hairband | F&F tights | Dunnes Stores red leopard print doc boots | Bracelets on left arm from Penneys | Right arm : First one I made myself reads cherry cola second unknown third Penneys I think next one my cousin made last one from local shop

Hey everyone, 
Because of the absence of the 80's today I was just wearing my own style - Yes, A combination I have worn a million times with the addition of a cardigan for warmth purposes. I also decided to be daring and productive and wear a ton of cute bracelets wearing two of each colour on the left arm. I love wearing dresses with more casual items on top and of course some liquid eyeliner and pink lipstick (Sparking Miracle in the Essence range.) so that's really my kind of style. And there's another photo of my outfit on my camera thar won't upload. Also, Today was Valentines Day and my Valentines are my two cuties Plum and Truffle. Me and friends had our annual "Coca Cola Appreciation Day" or "Coke Day" for short (hence the bracelet.) so who cares if you're single on Valentines Day - There's another 364 days to share the love !


Dunnes Stores hoodie | Penneys leopard print leggings | Penneys top | Champagne coloured flower clip | Dunnes Stores floral doc boots | Penneys pastel coloured bracelets | Wooden bracelet made by my cousin | Last bracelet from local shop

Hi everyone, Today I tried to be noughties, 00's, Whatever you like to name the decade. I didn't do a tutorial for this because I was only wearing a dab of concealer and brush over of powder because I didn't go to much places. In the noughtie's everyone was fascinated by hoodies, Leggings and the whole tomboy look which Avril Lavigne pulled off and yea this is as far as my attempt goes. Also I've began obsessing over my Penneys bracelets again which I got last year or the year before in the Y.D section . They're super cute. 

So they were my outfits if the week and I've been working really hard on this post all week so leave a comment telling me which outfit is your favourite ! 

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See you's next week, 

Grace x


  1. i absolutely love the shoes in the first post and you are so pretty! what a cool idea for a post.
    xo jane

  2. Thanks for putting my blog post on your list! Your outfits are awesome, my post will be up tomorrow hopefully! xox

    1. No problem and thanks ! I can't wait to read your's :D xx

  3. Omg grace I adore your style, it's amazing :)
    Amazing post :)
    Thanks for mentioning me in the videos :)
    Can't pick a favourite outfit, love them all :)xox

    1. no problem :) that's such a nice comment made my day :') xx

  4. Such cute outfits xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  5. Wow, I love all your outfits and your blog as well. Followed you dear. Hope you can check back and follow me too.


    1. Thank you :) I'll have a look at your blog for sure !

  6. Loving your Monday & Thursday outfit! x

  7. Your Mondays outfit :O
    You're shoes are so fab!

    I'm a new follower <3


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