Friday, 8 February 2013

January Favourites 2013

Hi everyone !

So last Friday the first I took prepared my January Favourites photo's so I am sorry for two things.
One is that this is quite late and two is that since then Photobucket have changed layout, etc. and along with those changes came these awful new tacky texts and effects which I have taken a dislike to so the photo above I made on Paint and that took way to long for patience, but we 'bear' with the annoying changes and edit the photo's below with Photobucket anyway.

Also it's suppose to say "Makeup Favourites" or "Book Favourites" on each photo. And neither that or the effects I reluctantly added will show up.
 This is the moment I lose all patience.

These are my two beauty favourites, Rabbit ornament not included ! The first one is the So ... ? Daring fragrance out of the four fragrance "Rocking Divas" So ... ? set I got for Christmas in 2011 ages ago and I did a review on these during the summer which I'll leave the link to at the end of this post and this is the fourth fragrance which I think is most "me" because the other three are quite sweet a bit two sweet for my liking, but I wear this one every day and it's gorgeous. 

My second beauty favourite is the "Dove Indulgent Nourishment Hand Cream With Shea Butter" and I usually don't particularly like the smell of shea butter or the feel of hand cream full stop, but my Aunt gave me this hand cream for Christmas and ever since I wear it the whole time because it does actually smell gorgeous and I have adjusted to the feel and smell ! 

This is my book favourite and it's the Rookie Yearbook One which I have been reading all January ! I amen't  really a huge "feminist" or anything but I do read Rookie Mag now and then because it does have some really good advice, etc. for growing up and Tavi Gevinson is of course an amazing writer ! It's such a good book and if you really want to spread your read of it out read the monthly chapters month by month !

Now onto makeup favourites, I'm going to start with my Maybelline Fit Me concealer because I really love the coverage and how you can match the shade to the Fit Me powders, etc. and I've worn that every day to school and all. My next favourite is my Essence pink lipstick which they have apparently discontinued according to their website and I wear this lipstick like every single weekend and my lips are pretty pigmented  anyway so this gorgeous pink colour just adds even more richness in colour and is so pretty - My favourite because I don't look like a clown with it on ! Next is my Barry M Nail Effects which I've worn several times this month and the black crackle is amazing and suits everything literally ! Next is my Essence Stay All Day Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow which I got reduced in clearance a few weeks ago and it's beautiful and sparkly and natural so I wear it to school most days. Last but not least of my makeup favourites, Is the amazing Essence Cherry Blossom Girl 2in1 Eyeliner Pen in 01 Big In Japan. Having coordination problems I can't explain enough how helpful the thin side has been and I can now almost perfect liquid eyeliner application ! Essence have now released a permanent 2in1 eyeliner pen - All say 'Hooray' !

These are my YouTube favourites which are the channels I watched the most this month. These are all  amazing channels so you should definitely check them out ! Excuse the fact I have a sheet over my face. *Selfie not selfie as such*.

Links to their channels.

Finally these are my three blog favourites which unlike my YouTube favourites, Are all fashion blogs, but have hints of DIY and lifestyle throughout which I enjoy reading. I get alot of my style inspiration from these so they are definitely worth checking out !

Links to their blogs.

So they are all my January favourites which I know was pretty long and late.
I'm on midterm now so look out for an Outfits of the Week next weekend and tutorials to go with it in the coming weeks !

Grace x

So ... ? Rock 'n' Roll set review  ~ I know ...... It's cringey for me to read too.


  1. A lot of really great favourites! It's always good to have things that you love to wear :)

  2. Those three blogs are among my favourites too! This post is fab too, the so.... fragrances are always super fun!
    X Jane

    1. Thank you :) ! I loved your interview with Maria :) xx


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