Sunday, 31 March 2013

Preppy for Easter

Penneys collared dress | Next cardigan | Brogues from local shoe shop | Arm candy from Penneys and unknown 

Hi everyone - Happy Easter !

I didn't think I'd get to blog today but I have and my uncle his fiance and their baby are over from England them and my nanny are coming down from Dublin until Tuesday.

I didn't really do much today because of that but I still got dressed up ! I was very comfortable in my outfit today although my hair was all flat today. My makeup was just pink and red lipstick combined for a two toned effect, The usual makeup and eyeliner and blue eyeshadow with hints of yellow in the inner corners.

If you follow my Instagram you'll have seen my beloved polka dot nails inspired by Jane's in her collab blogpost and luck was on my side and they turned out almost as good as hers ! And you also might have seen on my Instagram that me and my brother have the telly and my laptop in my room until Tuesday - Yay !
You should follow my Instagram because I have cat all followers and I put up a ton of selfies with my rabbits today ha ha ha. Speaking of swearing, I can swear again because Lent is over, I only broke Lent like twenty times ! If not more.

I am off to the #bbloggers chat on Twitter now. I will not be a loner this time because I asked on Instagram for Twitter usernames who were going, etc. so yes if you are joining in the #bbloggers chat please comment with your Twitter username below because I don't have a Twitter for my blog but I might see you anyway when I'm using my personal Twitter. Yea kinda awkward tweeting about blogging cos its my personal Twitter so people from school I follow they follow me etc. !

Ok see you on Tuesday - One year of Dainty Sprinkles special surprise !

Grace x

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Makeup & Outfit Inspiration : Easter Collab !!!

Hi everyone ! 

So today I am posting a collaboration post and that is an Easter collab with Gaby, Jane & Kate of Don't Need Makeup To Cover Up, Dorky Fizzy & Quirky Stuff and The Fashion Chain.
Now the plan was that we're all posting two different ideas to wear over the Easter holidays on four different days so for example Jane posted hair and nails on Tuesday and today I will be posting makeup and an outfit.

So like I said this is a collab with Don't Need Makeup To Cover Up, Dorky Fizzy & Quirky Stuff and The Fashion Chain. They're all Irish teen bloggers I love their blogs so check them out because Kate and Jane have already posted Tuesday and yesterday and then Gaby posts tomorrow and we've spent almost two weeks planning this collab and I'll leave the links to their blogs at the end of this blogpost.

Ok so like I said we sort of picked a theme and a sub-theme and I picked makeup and then a little outfit add on for Easter as I've already done spring outfits. And also as I said above, These were both done on separate weeks in fact so makeup and clothes are different and I will start with the tutorial.

My tutorial is an alternative spring look and it brightens up your face and opens your eyes !
You'll need : A bright red lipstick
A mossy green eyeshadow
White eyepencil 
Fine eyeliner pen
Lengthening mascara

1. Begin by moisturising and applying light makeup such as BB cream, Concealer and pressed powder.

2. Line a fine line of eyeliner pen or liquid along your lash line, Winging off if you chose to. I used the thin side of the Essence 2in1 eyeliner pen.

3. Use a green that isn't very bright or flamboyant and is neutral on your eyelids to give a pop of colour on your eyes. I'd suggest a mossy green such as the Essence mono eyeshadow in 60 Kermit Says Hello which I used although if these type of greens don't suit your eyes you can go for a light brown or a different neutral based colour.

4. Use a white eye pencil under your eyes to make them appear brighter and wider. You can apply this to your waterline if you want but that makes me feel icky so I prefer to apply under my lashes. Smudge the applied eye pencil for a softer look and so it doesn't take concentration off your lips. I used an Essence white eye pencil for this.


5. Before you apply lip colour, Be sure to apply lip balm to soften your lips. Then apply a 'vampy' bright red lipstick to your lips. Pat a tissue on your lips to create a matte look. This look is concentrated on the lip colour. I used the 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Showcase.

This is the finished look so if any of you's try out this look tell me on Facebook or Instagram !

Next for an outfit, I wanted to create a girly look with a piece of clothing with a print that looked like candy or something. I used sections of my hair to milk braid them across the back creating a 60's look and I wore red and pink lipsticks with pink lipgloss for the same effect. I also as usual turned my cardigan around over my dress and then shoved my beautiful chunky wooden and pink necklace over it. 

Wearing : White cardigan, Dunnes Stores swirl patterned dress, Purple flower clip, Penneys chunky necklace, Dunnes Stores floral doc boots.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want me to do more idea posts like this tell me below,
Also check out the other bloggers' who are doing this collab too !

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Grace x


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's The White Rabbit's Birthday

School shirt | Bella Moda skater skirt | Black flower and feather hairband | Dunnes Stores slip ons | Claire's Accessories necklace

Hey everyone !

Today is one of my favourite dates to view in the year - 26.03 .
This is because today was my birthday !

It was seriously crazy because I doubt you's remember but this day last year we had a heatwave.
And damn, It was some heatwave and then this year like this morning we had the complete opposite - A snow blizzard like what the heck ! And because of this, It was obviously freezing cold which is why my hands were so cold after taking these photo's.

I adore my outfit today and I must admit, It's been weeks and weeks in planning. And as soon as I found a local clothes shop had my size several weeks ago I jumped in (not literally.) and bought it. Originally the skirt was suppose to be black and I was going to wear my gold chunky necklace and black school shoes, but when I put my beautiful black necklace from Claire's Accessories (which I adore so much I've never worn oops.) my school shirt (don't judge !) navy skirt and slip ins together I felt like a cross between The White Rabbit and Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Quite strangely.

This morning I received an iPod touch for my birthday which I'm really grateful for and I've became slightly obsessed with a certain app on it and that app is Instagram ! Instagram is an Internet god ok ?! and I seriously love it. You can follow me on it my name is 'daintysprinkles' and I'll leave the link at the bottom.
My friends came over at 12pm and we had great craic although most of the time was spent on iPods, iPhones, Basically every portable device you name it. Also what do you think of my annual 'birthday nails' nothing special I just paint them black and glitter every year on my birthday.

Thanks for reading and thank you so much if you wished me a happy birthday on Twitter, etc. :') !
 Check back on Thursday / Friday for I'll have a very interesting post actually follow me on Instagram for previews whoooop !

One last thing, If you know of any good apps tell me in the comments ok really see you later this time.

Grace x


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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Three Days Until

Next maxi dress | Penneys top | Champagne flower hairclip | Penneys necklace | Dunnes Stores red leopard print boots

Hi everyone !

Today I went into town with my Mam and it was freezing cold and windy which is why my hair is going C-R-A-Z-Y in the photo's above.  We went for lunch in Tesco and bought some munchies for my birthday on Tuesday - Tesco, Which is by the way an Easter haven I must add. My aunt gave me some money to buy clothes with for my birthday (thank you !) so I bought denim shorts shoes and sunglasses !

I am pretty excited for my birthday which is on Tuesday.
I did begin a birthday mood board thingy last month and I haven't updated it since then which is why it is quite blank and plain. I also did a big jump infront of my sticky wall because I love jumping in photos' because it photobombs and ruins everything and I love my maxi dress ! I pretty much had rosy colours everywhere on me today and its still pretty wet and cold so I haven't managed to get into my brogues yet.

Also !!! It is Earth Hour tonight ! I have no beautiful photo's I've taken of candles to convince you to turn your lights off, but I will say in text that it is only one hour so please turn your lights off from 8.30pm - 9.30pm Saturday 23rd March tonight for Earth Hour and light a pretty candle instead. The penguins on the Antarctica will thank you and so will the turtles, but they don't live on ice they live in the warming seas.

I'll see you's soon and Like 'Dainty Sprinkles' on Facebook for Earth Hour photo's later links down below.
See you's soon,

Grace x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring Is Cancelled

Spring is Cancelled

*** Click on images to view in detail  ***

"Hello please don't look at what I left upstairs"

Posers :* Look at the pout on Plum !
No I'm so innocent I'm not trying to get into the vegetable patch 
I'll smile when spring is over but for now I'll stick on a pout thank you
My occupation is 'food' sampling
"Will you help me clean up this mess ?"  "It was only an accident"  "Maybe if I sit on it she won't spot it"
Everyone loves a game of hide and go seek chase.
"I threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. I crashed my car into the bridge. I don't care, I love it. I don't care."
Resting after hide and go seek chase
Siesta in the sun
My favourite photo of all of these 

Hi everyone !

On Saturday 16th March, We unusually had an incredibly beautiful warm morning to the point my coat stayed on the coat hangers. I grabbed my camera and went out to take some photo's of Plum and Truffle. 
These photo's were suppose to be posted up on Good Friday or sometime next week, but there's been a change of plan so here they are early !

These photo's are suppose to be Easter or spring inspired, but really to be honest I was suppose to be taking photo's of them later that day and wasn't bothered to find ribbons, Easter tat, etc. and I hate spring. I should be living in the United States where they get the most warm beautiful springs like summer but here in Ireland all we get is rain and coldness (that too during summer.) and all I wanna do is get out of these tights and winter coats. So like I said it was a summer-like bright morning so I decided to use the scenery to demonstrate my wishes for it to be more like summer weather. 

Enjoy my rabbits' cuteness and the playlist that took me ages and I'll see you over the weekend,

Grace x