Wednesday, 6 March 2013

90's Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone ! 

Today I'm posting the last of my decades inspired tutorials and this one is 90's inspired.
Yes, I was going to do a noughtie's one, but I look awful in those photo's plus I do have a post planned for next week that you's will love.

Back to this tutorial, From what I researched online 90's was grunge, etc. and they eyes were mainly golden and smokey and the lips were nude (a trend that happened to be in during A/W 2012.) and my lips are really red lately so I tried putting concealer on them, but they still didn't turn out very 'nude' ! Also my eyebrows are furry because I had left them for too long whoopsie. Enjoy, My awkward turtles !

What I'm Using 
 Essence 'Stay All Day' cream eyeshadow | Eyeshadow palette Christmas present from friend | Maybelline 'Fit Me' concealer | Essence 'All Eye on Me' mascara | Bronze lip gloss | Essence kajal pencil in 01 Black

1. Start off by applying moisturisers, Lip balm, Concealer, etc. basically face makeup and preparation, etc. .

2. For my eyes, I apply my cream eyeshadow which is in a light gold shade over my eyelids as a base.

3. I then use the darkest brown out of my eyeshadow palette around the crease of my eyelid and blend in until I reach the middle of my eyelid.

4. Then I apply the bronze shade out of the eyeshadow palette from the middle of my eyelid downwards until I reach my lashline. I also apply the ivory shade to the corner of my eyelid. 

5. I finish my eyes by applying a layer of mascara and smudging some black eyepencil underneath my eyes.

6. For lips, I'd suggest applying a nude lipstick if you have it and then adding some bronze lipgloss on top.

7.  Unfortunately for me, I don't own a nude lipstick and I have very colourful lips at the moment so I blended in some concealer and applied some bronze lipgloss over it.

  And this is the finished look we're aiming for !

That's the last of my decades inspired tutorials finished, Thanks for reading these all and leaving such lovely comments !

I'll be back over the weekend,

Grace x



  1. Just wanted to say that I really do love your blog and I try out every one of your makeup tutorials!! You seem so nice and I love all of your posts that you put up:)x

    1. Aw thank you so much :) You've made my day 8-) xx


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