Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spring Clean With Grace

Hi everyone ! 

Today I'm doing a post that's pretty different to what I normally post or do in my life anyway and that is a spring cleaning post ! After thirteen years and almost twelve months on this planet, I spring cleaned all my storage entirely by myself - Not that I've never cleaned my room before, I've just never cleaned it myself without the help of my Mam or Dad ! And basically I just completely re-organised my dressers, etc. last Sunday when I had nothing else to do and had almond oil in my hair so it's much easier in the mornings now getting ready ! Blogging actually motivated my spring clean I was like "Oh I'll take my camera out and do a blogpost about it" so here's the results of my spring clean.

Also, If you spring cleaned your room, Comment below and tell me,
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I first sorted my jewellery box and in true Grace-style I had to spill candle wax, Didn't I ? This took ages.
Back to the jewellery box, It has three compartments in the front, One above and then two on each side for hanging jewellary. I placed my rings in the top drawer, A bracelet in one of the middle drawers and then I had some pretty bracelets that I didn't want to get tangled in the hanging compartments.

Next was to sort out the storage box beside it. Before I cleaned this, It had makeup bags, Random junk, You name it in it and was in real need of sorting it so it would have a purpose. I neatly arranged my body sprays, Perfumes, Hand cream, etc. and hair products in the box where I can clearly see them and a bonus was that I found my 90c masquerade masks from Tesco which have since then gone up in price to €1.50 !

Another way of storing jewellary that I find handy is hanging them. I keep alot of my bracelets in my vintage jewellary box which was once my great-great-grandmother's I think and you'll see that in the last photo's, but as for the rest they either hang around my dressing table or go in my other jewellary box. Note that the bottom right jewellary hanger is never in a state to tidy. It's simply too messy and tangled and I'm too lazy and not bothered.

After that I cleaned where I usually leave my nail polish bag and hair clips. I moved my nail polish bag to the floor where my other nail polish storage is and piled up my hair clip packets, The ones in front I use the most.  I moved a little mirror there too which I'm aware I forgot to clean before finishing. I also placed a little jewellary hanger my nanny gave to me which was her's before and it holds some cute little bracelets I'm using for a fashion post this weekend. Finally I left some pretty ornaments there aswell.

Here's my dressing table which was an absolute tip before I cleaned it. This probably took the longest to clean, because as I said, It was an absolute tip ! On my dressing table now I've my vintage jewellary box, Tangled messy jewellary hanger, Lava lamp and every beauty, Makeup, etc. products I use before school getting ready every morning.

I had to show this adorable photo for the 'March 2013' page on the calendar I have. Isn't it so cute the dog and teddy ?

That's everything I cleaned for today, If you want me to do a updated room tour in the future tell me in the comments here on Facebook or email me and also tell me whether or not you've spring cleaned your room yet, All links down below. 

And before I go, One last thing !!! It's both Mother's Day and my younger brother's birthday tomorrow (Sunday 10th.) so Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to both of you's (I love you <3 :D xx !) but I'm crossing every bone in my body hoping that my brother doesn't see this because I have made him a blog for his birthday and it's called 'Just Another Decade' and I'll leave the link for that below too and hopefully some of you might give it a look and maybe follow ?

Thanks and see you's midweek - I've a post coming that could be brilliant if the photo's turn out ok, 

Grace x


  1. Omg I'm in need of a spring clean! I love this post; I am a totes neat freak! I love the way you store you're jewellery. Ttyl xox :))

    1. Thanks Jane :) xx I'm a neat freak too :P hehee

  2. Oooh I did this a couple of weeks ago, it feels great! I switched around my bed and furniture and I don't know it just makes you feel happier/different!
    Lovely post, Niamh x

    1. Thanks Niamh :) xx I might be getting my bed, etc. moved around when summer comes !

  3. This is such a cool post, love your room :)x

  4. I love it! You just inspired me to go clean my room haha xo


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