Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring Is Cancelled

Spring is Cancelled

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"Hello please don't look at what I left upstairs"

Posers :* Look at the pout on Plum !
No I'm so innocent I'm not trying to get into the vegetable patch 
I'll smile when spring is over but for now I'll stick on a pout thank you
My occupation is 'food' sampling
"Will you help me clean up this mess ?"  "It was only an accident"  "Maybe if I sit on it she won't spot it"
Everyone loves a game of hide and go seek chase.
"I threw your sh*t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs. I crashed my car into the bridge. I don't care, I love it. I don't care."
Resting after hide and go seek chase
Siesta in the sun
My favourite photo of all of these 

Hi everyone !

On Saturday 16th March, We unusually had an incredibly beautiful warm morning to the point my coat stayed on the coat hangers. I grabbed my camera and went out to take some photo's of Plum and Truffle. 
These photo's were suppose to be posted up on Good Friday or sometime next week, but there's been a change of plan so here they are early !

These photo's are suppose to be Easter or spring inspired, but really to be honest I was suppose to be taking photo's of them later that day and wasn't bothered to find ribbons, Easter tat, etc. and I hate spring. I should be living in the United States where they get the most warm beautiful springs like summer but here in Ireland all we get is rain and coldness (that too during summer.) and all I wanna do is get out of these tights and winter coats. So like I said it was a summer-like bright morning so I decided to use the scenery to demonstrate my wishes for it to be more like summer weather. 

Enjoy my rabbits' cuteness and the playlist that took me ages and I'll see you over the weekend,

Grace x


  1. I love rabbits.

    Rabbits + Funny Captions = Pretty Awesome blog post.

    Cant wait for the next post!



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