Saturday, 2 March 2013

'Whoa We Got A Bad-Ass Here'

Dunnes Stores dress | Penneys jumper | Penneys hat | Penneys floral doc boots

Hi everyone !

Today I took some photo's of Plum and Truffle after I found Truffle rolling in a hole she'd dug all covered in soil and Plum's fur. Her fur's starting to get slightly lighter in colour seeing as it's spring and she kept photobombing Plum in alot of the photo's !

I also went into town with my Mam and bought a gorgeous navy blue A-Line skirt and the shop actually had my size ! I don't have a photo of it, but it's a gorgeous colour at it's perfect length and will look good with most of my tees and jumpers.

 Today I wore a very grunge style outfit which consisted of my slogan jumper and heart print dress together. I also wore some silver eyeshadow with eyeliner as usual and pink lipstick along with my red wooly hat and floral doc boots.

That's all from me and I'll see you next week !

Grace x


  1. wow your guinea pig and rabbit are so cute!Kinda makes me want to feature my dog in my posts!I just wanted to mention that i have been obsessed with your blog for a few months now and your one of the people who inspired me to creat a blog! great post xox sophie!

    1. Aw thank you that's such a lovely comment - Made my day :') what's your blog URL - It won't let me into your profile. Btw they're both rabbits lol I think they're both so different when it comes to size you wouldn't think they're the same animal :P xx

    2. Those animals are SO SO cute! I love rabbits, but have never owned any myself!
      Christina | Passion Obsession

    3. Hehee thank you on their behalf :) xx

  2. I love grunge as a style, and docs are just beautiful on a whole. Just found your blog and I love it- I'm following! Oh, and your rabbits are just the cutest :') x Olwyn


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