Thursday, 11 April 2013

Makeup Products I Regret Buying

Hi everyone,

Today is a pretty late post in my eyes because this was suppose to be up yesterday but Blogspot was being a pain in the ass and kept telling me that the image URLs were wrong when they were right and you can't do a blogpost without pictures now can you ?

Anyway, Ramble over, Today I'm telling you's about the five makeup products I regret buying and most
 of them I still use because I'd feel bad if I just dumped them or something considering I spent money on them obviously but there are one or two that I've rarely worn so lets get started.

The first makeup product I regretted buying is this No7 pressed powder and I ran out of it a while ago and didn't repurchase it because I felt it wasn't worth the amount it cost and the powder was more like a mineral powder than a pressed powder and therefore went all over the place and didn't sit right on my face so it did quite irritate me that it didn't work out.

This is the Essence All Eyes On Me mascara and I used to love this so I got it for Christmas last year but since then I began using Essence's Multi Action mascara and I ran out of my Multi Action mascara recently and I'm temporarily using back to using this mascara which I find makes my lashes super thick and clumpy which I personally don't like in a mascara because I prefer a mascara just to darken and slightly lengthen them.

On Christmas Eve I bought this Essence lipstick in 44 Almost Famous for Christmas Day but unlike the other Essence lipstick I have which is 12 Sparking Miracle which is a lovely subtle pink, This lipstick isn't quite pigmented and I think it's more suitable as a tinted lipbalm but I like it to wear when I'm not in school and I don't want too much colour on my lips.

This is the 17 Hide Away Concealer Cream that I bought over the summer and coincidentally over the weekend on the #bblogger chat I was talking to another blogger who had similar experiences with this concealer. There are tons and tons of reviews praising this concealer on many beauty blogs but unfortunately I found that this concealer was way too dry and cakey for my skin and although the shade was in fair and came out orangey as a result of the cakiness and I haven't used it since July. 

The last product which I regret buying is Essence mono eyeshadow in 11 Wild at Heart. It's a navy blue colour and it turned out very chalky and dull in colour which is really surprising because I own a few other Essence eyeshadows which I love and are well pigmented and non-chalky so I guess it's just a one off.

They're all the products I regret buying and I do have reviews on the last two and they've all been in my blogposts in the past too so comment down below telling me if you've had many bad experiences with  makeup products and if you own any of these products and what you're opinions on them are.

See you's soon,

Grace x


  1. hmm I think maybe the mascara is just out of date? Because you used to love it and you bought it a while ago and mascaras go 'off' after 6 months so maybe you shouldnt give up on it!
    Good post!

    1. Yea that could be part of the problem but it's usually pretty clumpy anyway and I used to think all mascaras were clumpy :P I really shouldn't be using it cos it is over date :P xx

  2. the essence eyeshadow is so disappointing! I have it too and its really bad :( great post x

    1. Thanks Kate ! And yea I know :( It's crap when things like that happens xx


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