Thursday, 9 May 2013

The May Outdoors

Hi everyone,

There was a pretty strong gale last night but both the hens and rabbits were being very photogenic so I ventured out to the outdoors and took a few snaps of them. Mabel (the darker one.) and Ruby (The lighter one.) look quite funny because they wanted to get of their pen which happened once the rabbits eventually went home. Plum looks like there's a wasp nest being built under her chin because she was digging and Truffle was just eating grass and not causing any trouble which is rare, but anyway.

The sunshine of the bank holiday weekend has gone off to some other part of the planet which results in the dull Irish weather returning from his weekend away. For the past two days I have been going into school in my rain coat and ladybird umbrella - Something I have not had to do in a good while now. Anyway, Because of the rain the First Years lads' hurling thing was cancelled so we didn't have a free double science.

On the bright side, My brother's Conformation is tomorrow so my aunt and nanny are down from Dublin and they brought junk food so a bag of Snax and a chocolate biscuit are accompanying me while I blog this. My aunt also brought down a pair of kitten heels for me to wear and I'm glad to say that miraculously I have picked up the coordination and balance to somehow survive the hour long cermony tomorrow. It's nine o' clock though and I still have to paint my nails for tomorrow which sucks because I can't even keep them the way they currently are cos they're a mess.

I better go to do them and be social but stay tuned for a video next blogpost !

See you,

Grace x


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