Sunday, 30 June 2013

Awkward Denim

New Look tank top | Dunnes Stores denim shorts | My aunt gave me the handbag | Dunnes loafers
(Above photo of palette not my photo. Found on Google Images.)

Hi everyone, 

Yesterday I was in town with my friends and then they slept over in my house and they wanted to use my tripod so we brought it outside. They said I could put a 'normal' one on my blog and the photo above is the only 'normal' one. The tripod is more still than us and my tripod likes to mess about alot.

I felt very Tumblr-y yesterday in my outfit and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I wore my '#AWKWARD' tank top from New Look with my favourite star studded denim shorts from Dunnes. It was very mild during the afternoon and then after 7pm the temperatures all of a sudden rocketed and the heat and sunshine reared their head at last which meant I could say good bye to my tights for the evening. The negative side of wearing denim shorts was that it would've looked quite odd if I wore my denim jacket over it so I ended up wearing a hoodie. 

I was in my nanny's up in Dublin from Wednesday until Friday and of course had to visit the shopping centre because the 'shopping centre' where I live shouldn't even be called a shopping centre its that small. While I was roaming around Penneys I realised they had an Essence stand that was three times bigger than the ones where I live. It was heaven there was so much makeup I'd been looking for forever but could never find it so I bought an eyeshadow brush and when I'm back up there during July I'll have to have saved my money up so I can get some more. I also got an NYC Individual Eyes palette in the shade "940U Central Park" which is meant for green eyes but never mind because the others weren't neutral enough to wear to school. I saw this palette talked about in Gaby's videos before and it does live up to the hype because it has an eye primer in it and all so I wore it yesterday. The colours in it are beautiful and easy to work with and it's only €2.50.

By the way everyone ! Today's the final day before Google Reader, GFC, etc. becomes extinct forever. I am secretly hoping nothing happens at all because I'll have nothing to remind me to read my favourite blogs anymore. Anyway make sure you're following Dainty Sprinkles on Bloglovin' (The buttons on the right.) but thats if you can even get the hang of it because I can't sorry. 

Video up on my YouTube channel tomorrow ! This time I am determined to find the right lighting so I can do  my makeup the best I can. I'm also determined to pluck the orangutan gorillas above my eyes. 

Grace x

Friday, 28 June 2013

The Missing Pieces #2 : DCD and Fine Motor Skill Difficulties

Hi everyone, 

This is my second blogpost in this 'series' and I'll leave the link to the first blogpost at the end incase you haven't already read it. Thanks so much for the feedback on the first post aswell you's are all too kind. Today I'm talking about DCD/Dyspraxia & fine motor skill difficulties. 

DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder.) or Dyspraxia affects my fine motor skills. I cannot ride a bike, Catch or throw a ball properly, Swim, Straighten my hair without burning myself, Tie my shoelaces, The list goes on. Not too long ago I couldn't plait my hair although it still looks ragged when I try and I also couldn't use a knife to properly either which is still a bit of a problem. I still have problems showering so it's embarrassing to admit that my mother sometimes has to help me wash my hair ! Not too long ago I couldn't walk up and down stairs and I still have to hold the banister & ask anyone at school and they'll tell you how slow I wobble up the stairs back in April I fell down the Area 2 stairs in school it wasn't fun when the teachers were getting worried and I didn't know how to explain that falling down a stairs was second nature to me ! I regularly fall into potholes or fall into anything and it doesn't help that my school shoes are too big for me. Another fun fact is that I didn't walk until I was two and didn't know how to put my hair in a ponytail until I was six ! I must emphasise though that I was let off lightly, Read Victoria Bigg's book on DCD 'Caged in Chaos' and you'll learn that some dyspraxics have worse coordination than me ! 

P.E has always been a struggle for me. I knows you's all probably hate P.E but my hatred for P.E is infinitive. In primary school it was fine even though some teachers gave out tonne for not being able to catch a ball, I didn't have the stress of changing in and out of P.E gear. When I got to secondary school I had to change in & out of P.E gear and uniform which takes forever and I was often late for classes. I was never picked for teams when playing games unless a friend was a 'leader' and me having to end up on your team was like the end of the world and in First Year lads were typical lads and moaned and jeered when I was crap in P.E but I ignored them because they were nothing short of a slap to be fairly honest. I am so thankful for the school I'm in now (since the beginning of Second Year.) I cannot praise it enough. In the school I was in in First Year there was no special needs department so I had to do P.E but I occasionally got out of it to go counselling. When I moved schools everything changed. There is a Special Needs Department if that is what you call it known as "Area 7" commonly known as the home of us 'spaz' 'retards' whatever insult suits. So many students go there for for various reasons but in sad to say there is still quite a negative stigma around it as I mentioned briefly above. I've been "spaz" and "retard" to and from there although the tables are turned when I salute my middle finger in front of the immature prats towards them. I did P.E until Mid-Term of October this year but I was taken out and now go to withdrawal hours instead where I do homework or study. It's awkward explaining to people why I don't do P.E but if they understand a bit more I don't mind attempting to explain. 

My handwriting is also affected by DCD. Most dyspraxics' writing is messy and unlegible alike mine & we can't hold a pen properly. Here's a few photos a few of me holding a pen from different angles and the others are Tolly Dolly Posh and Onegirlwithacamera who kindly sent me photos of them holding a pen so thanks a million, but I the URL of Emma's photo won't work so I'm really sorry I can't use it. 

You can probably guess who's who. I can't hold a pen properly at all and now in second year people think it's cool the way I hold it different & I'm like "no it's not you's don't have a huge lump on your right ring finger" Dyspraxics also have problems with maths although once I know the formula it is easier. I do Higher Level Maths & refuse to drop to Ordinary Level even if it means me failing in the Junior Cert next year because I know it will help me with Ordinary Level in the Leaving Cert. Us dyspraxics cannot concentrate at all ! I force myself to concentrate in most subjects although this tends to slip in Science & Music. The laboratory is a dangerous place for me ! I leave the glass handling to my friend Sophie click here for her blog who is my experiment partner ! If it wasn't for Sophie there would not be alot of science equipment left in Room 214 because of myself dropping everything. Organisation is apparently an issue so every once in a while my 'patient' friends Chyan & Nicole end up helping me tidy my locker since its in a permanent mess and then they do the honour of stealing my bag because I apparently taken to long up to Area 4 where we eat our Lunch on the floor beside some First Years, The stairs and bathrooms. My pet peeve is when teachers give you homework verbally just as you're going out the door because I end up forgetting to remember and take it down in the next class and therefore get a note or detention. Yay. So I am forced by my parents to attend Homework Club so I don't take five hours at my homework. I don't do brilliant at school although not to brag that I'm very proud that I got 3 A's 5 B's 2 C's & a D ( Maths.) on my summer exams which is pretty much a miracle. On a side note I have never cheated in an exam and am 100% against it cos one of my friends got 6 A's fair because she studied and she's clever but another person can get 6 A's cos they couldn't be bothered to study and then cheated on the day and then of course there's the rest of us who don't get just as good results but we might get told off for not getting an A but a cheater might be praised. How fun. My parents always say that I should never cheat but also that they will always be happy with my results even if I just pass which I'm very thankful for. 

Getting away from school when my mam found out I was dyspraxic she let me begin wearing makeup little by little. At this stage I'm proud to tell you that I can apply eyeliner mascara lipstick blusher the works rarely looking a clown which is something I will be forever proud of ! 

Famous dyspraxics to name a few are Florence of Florence & The Machine, Richard Branson , Daniel Radcliffe, David Bailey and Winston Churchill. Emily Bronte is thought to have had Asperger's Syndrome and the character Helen Burns in Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' who was dyspraxic is based on their sister Maria. It's often said that Dyspraxia, ADHD & Asperger's Syndrome are 'under the same umbrella' they're similar but have different traits. One thing that we all have in common is that we're all apparently very creative arty people with a bright imagination and you can see that.
So that's this week's post in this series. I hope you's sort of enjoyed it. I'm always conscious that I might not have fully explain everything or maybe forgot to mention something so if you've a question please please don't be afraid to comment here and ask or on my Instagram or Facebook or email me if you prefer that. Also thanks Tolly Dolly Posh and onegirlwithacamera for sending me the photos of them holding the pens for this blogpost, Also thanks Aveen who has really inspired me to not be afraid to write this 'series' of posts and thank you for all your nice comments, etc. and encouragement to continue this 'series'. 

See you's,

Grace x

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Colouring Books

H&M playsuit | Topshop skirt | Penneys cardigan | Dunnes Stores loafers

Hey everyone, 

I've been getting quite used to the heat to the point I don't even feel it anymore. Apparently it was very warm today but I didn't feel it so I wore my favourite Topshop skirt over my H&M jumpsuit which ended up being quite disastrous because the elasticated waists of the jumpsuit and skirt on top of eachother ended up feeling too tight and I also have very bad hay fever at the moment - It's awful ! 

My makeup was bright as ever today as I've gone back to my colours. I had a hiatus last week from my bright palettes where I tried wearing neutral eyes but I number one don't want to feel like I am in school and also simply don't have the eyeshadow for a neutral look but I will sort that out before September. My eyeshadow compartment is made up of mostly brights and today I used the green in the crease and yellow on my inner corners from the Essence Quattro palette in 07 Party Animal which is not sold anymore by the way the unfortunately axed it and I also wore Essence mono eyeshadow in 60 Kermit Says Hello on my outer corners. 

I don't have photo's of this but as you can see my brother came outside while I was taking these outfit photos and he was hitting a shuttlecock with a badminton racket and of course the shuttlecock would have to get stuck in the cherry blossom tree (not the tree I took outfit photos infront of.) but not anywhere in the cherry blossom tree but the very top of the cherry blossom tree. Not just that, but my brother through several sticks at the tree and a sweeping brush in an attempt to retrieve the shuttlecock and nevertheless they all got stuck right beside the missing suspect (i.e shuttlecock.) too. 

So that's today's blogpost and be sure to check back on Friday when I'll be talking specifically about DCD and coordination issues.

See you's,

Grace x

Monday, 24 June 2013

Summer Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone, 

It's most definitely that time of week again where you get a close up of my untidy furry eyebrows and hear the sound of my awkwardness because I've uploaded my weekly video. 

This week I reattempted a makeup tutorial I did last summer and it's fair to say I did a better job last year (and my eyebrows were at the same stage of furriness.) . If you want to read that tutorial its somewhere in the archives !
I'm always in a rush editing because Windows Movie Maker freezes more than the North Pole even during summer which is why I forgot to add in the name of the stuff I used and why the music stopped halfway through and then I didn't realise that and never added more music. 

So here's the tutorial and I hope you enjoy


If you are wondering what I used 
~ Maybelline FIT Me concealer and powder
~ Collection eye pencil 
~ Essence cream eyeshadow in 02 Glammy Goes To and unknown neutral eye palette
~ Essence Multi Action mascara 
~ 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Showcase 

ALSO ! 1st of July an important date for bloggers because Google Friend Connect will become extinct so be sure to make a Bloglovin' account and follow me on it ! The link to Dainty Sprinkles is on the right hand side but click here to go straight to it. This is also the date that nominations for Blog Awards Ireland close so there's still a week left to vote if you haven't already and thank you so much to everyone who was voted for Dainty Sprinkles. 

So I hope you's enjoyed the tutorial and I'll see you's soon,

Grace x

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Missing Pieces #1 : In a Nutshell & Diagnosis

Hey everyone

Today I'm beginning my new 'series' about DCD and sensory processing and a few other things that have affected me in the past. There'll be four blogposts which are quite long so I hope you's don't mind and I'll be posting one a week. Before I start I want to make it quite clear  that I'm not 'attention seeking' or anything like that in any of these blogposts. This week I'm covering the basics of DCD, etc. and also about diagnosis. I'll explain in more detail in the next blogposts but I'm going to quote parts of the article I wrote for kiss magazine last year about dyspraxia to explain briefly cos I'm lazy.

"I have dyspraxia or to be specific Developmental Coordination Disorder & I also have Sensory Processing Disorder. Dyspraxia for me means that I can't catch a ball or do tumbles & I have a fear of running but it's also much more than that. I find it awkward to make eye contact and sometimes make silly mistakes"
"Because of my SPD my nerves are never at zero. After something upsetting happens a non-SPD's nerves will go back to zero after a while but mine build up until I have a meltdown where I scream and shout."
"Dyspraxia's a hidden disorder it used to be known as clumsy child syndrome"
"As many as one in thirty kids can be affected by it."

So that's alot to read and write ! As you can tell dyspraxia affects me very single day and it is affected me now as I wrote this because my hand is sore and tired from writing. It's almost midnight I must add hashtag nightbird.
All dyspraxics are different I doubt any two are the exact same ! For example one of my very good friends is both dyslexic and dyspraxic and might as well be the complete opposite to me ! We were at her house one time and she was climbing one of her friends and I was like no way cos I was afraid I would fall from the tree or the tee would fall down on me if I walked near it ! Rather than ramble for years in the next few blogposts I'm going to write three long paragraphs for you know about how I found out I was dyspraxic and briefly how this has affected me in my life

My parents had never heard of dyspraxia because it wasn't and still isn't as 'high profile' as dyslexia, ADHD, etc. and is of course a hidden disorder ! As a baby and toddler everything I did turns out to be a sign of dyspraxia and SPD ! I didn't walk until I was two and didn't run until I was tree ! Apparently in my playschool (kindergarten.) at the start of each day I would stand at the back of the room and scan the room for like a half an hour. I do remember though having very poor social integration skills and this is where my low self esteem and social anxiety began. I junior infants (five years old.) I used to be told off for not being able to catch a ball which I still can't do and I also got told off for not being able to hold a pen properly ! In senior infants I formed my own way of holding a pen which I'll add a photo of in the next post & eventually the teachers gave up telling me off and trying to teach me how to hold it which was pointless. Throughout primary school my coordination worsened (in my opinion.) and so did my social skills and social anxiety 
although my school never suspected a thing !

2010 in Fifth Class my second last year of primary school I found out I was dyspraxic more less. The story goes that for the six weeks of every school year us students were blessed (cough sarcasm cough.) with the 'such fun' of swimming lessons where we watched the teachers with their coffees in the coffee shop from the cold swim pool and got changed out of our togs even slower as they knocked on the changing room doors yelling to hurry up. Pleasant. Anyway so there was a 'big pool for 'advanced swimmers' & a 'small pool' for those who 'swam' around grasping red floats and the three inch high baby pool for .... Babies. Myself and two of my friends were alway in the 'small pool' and laughed it off but one week our teachers bribed everyone in our two fifth classes to move up to the big pool and everyone went except for me. I just kinda sat there in the small pool just chilling with the Senior Infants who were five years younger than me smart brats yelling at me "Look at that she's in the small pool an she's a big girl hahh" "our John is in the big pool and he's younger than you" today they would've got a slap and middle finger salute from me. The instructors wouldn't let myself or my friends go over to each other at 'fun time' so I just swam in the baby pool which is still the only pool I can swim in.

So I went home & blubbed and cried to my mam what happened so she rang our doctor because she knew something wasn't right and hey ho "I think your daughters dyspraxic" but of course I wasn't fully diagnosed until two years later which I'll get to in one moment now.

So to speak of the years after, My teacher who I had for both fifth & sixth class was very fair because she allowed me not to go swim lessons which was compulsory. My 'problems' with dyspraxia seemed to affect me less in Sixth class and even my social anxiety became a distant memory but at the end of the year when I finished primary school I decided to go to the new secondary school where nobody in my class were going. This was pretty much the worst mistake I've ever made and the worst year ever too. I'm not going to lie, I was bullied last year I didn't fit in at all and I went through very bad depression. Also in First Year I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia & Sensory Processing and also found out that I had scoliosis  because I have low muscle tone which is quite common in dyspraxics. Luckily at the start of summer my parents decided to move me to the original school I was suppose to go to where all my friends where which was the best decision and I've had a brilliant year in this school.

Things are ok right now but even when things are really bad all there is to do is put a smile on my face and think positive and remember that things could be much worse. I know this probably sounds weird but I also want to say that if you ever want to talk to someone who doesn't know you personally and won't judge you you can email me if you want. I'm obviously not qualified as a counsellor or anything hah but I'm a good listener (I think.) even though I'd be reading not listening but anyway, My email address is at the bottom.

I hope you's enjoyed this blogpost and I'll see you's soon. The next blogpost in this series will be about DCD and coordination issues.

Grace x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Once upon a summer day (Collab with Gaby & Jane.)

Skull print crop top | H&M dress | Dunnes loafers 

Hi everyone,

Today I'm doing a collab blogpost with Gaby and Jane and there were suppose to be a good few others joining in as well but they were either on holidays or ... We forget to never told them. Oops. 
Our blogposts are suppose to be based on Stilababe09's 'Day in the Life' video but mine looks far from it. As usual we organised it by the 'power of Twitter' and as usual I was about five minutes behind in the conversation and  asked asked fifty questions and got confused equal amounts of times. We thought of a similar post to our Easter one & then Jane thought of 'Day in the Life' which became the result as you see ! 

Anyway so we're all doing this on Wednesday 19th June and posting it that evening or the next morning, but I know that mine is probably up alot earlier than Jane or Gaby's because I have play rehersals for three hours tonight ! I didn't really do anything interesting today besides go food shopping with my mam. I would've taken photo's of what I did but I didn't want to bore you's with photo's of organic milk and Kit Kats.

This morning my mam used the Topshop hair chalk that I mentioned on Monday on my ends and it did go on  grand but almost half of the chalk broke into little pieces all over the floor so there was like half of the six euro I paid gone wasted.  She also straightened my hair because it was looking dead and if I was to attempt straightening it I wouldn't be typing this because my fingers would be too burnt and dead to move. Makeup wise I'm wearing the usual 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Showcase and I'm also wearing Essence 2in1 eyeliner with Essence Cream eyeshadow and a triplet neutral eyeshadow palette I got in Kris Kindle from a friend at Christmas.

I'm also wearing my new rainbow skull print crop-top-which-isn't-a-crop-top-on-me-yet-because-it-reaches-my-waist that I'm obsessed with over my H&M jersey dress. The dress is elasticated just above the waist where the crop top ends and is designed to showcase our best features. Not. That basically means making my huge hip and then my non existent hip look obvious. The sooner I sort out the non-existent hip, The sooner the other hip will hopefully share some of it's hip with the non-existent hip.

Plum and Truffle have just had me chasing them home for the best part of fifteen minutes. As a last minute resort my mam called Evan out to help me. Mabel the chicken also flew down nearly on top of me this morning. This when we hashtag first world problems.

So that's today's blogpost and be sure to check out both Gaby and Jane's blogs which I have linked in throughout the post whenever they're mentioned. And if you thought this post was long prepare for Friday's. I haven't even typed it up yet but I know it was three A4 pages long when I wrote it and I've still bits to add.

See you then,

Grace x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Small Summer Haul

Hi everyone,

On Saturday I went to the main town in the county I live in and although I live in quite a large town myself compared to the main town there are nowhere near the amount of well known shops such as New Look, Topshop or Penneys in my town so once a month me and my family or just myself and my mam go to this town and I usually end up picking up a few bits and pieces I cannot get where I live. As you'll hear in the video, I also found out that the biggest pharmacy there sells Benefit, Essie & NYC ! You should've seen my face in there. I explain everything in the video so please watch it and check out my YouTube channel, Thumbs up for Grace liking her own video by accident and being unable to unlike it !

Simple Moisture Cream
NYC nail polish in 298 High Line Green
Skull print crop top which actually reaches my waist 
New Look tank top photo won't rotate
Topshop hair chalk 

So that's my small summer haul I hope you's enjoyed it and found some entertainment out of my awkwardness in the video. Come back on Wednesday evening for a collab with my internet chums and on Friday for the first blogpost in my new blogpost 'series' about dyspraxia, etc. .

See you's then,

Grace x

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wishing for Sunshine

Penneys tee | Evita skirt | School shoes 

Hi everyone,

I'm very sorry there hasn't been a proper blogpost since Tuesday, It has continuously rained so I've been unable to take decent outfit photo's. Also thanks to everyone who was given me such lovely feedback to my last post, The first blogpost of the 'series' will be up next week and I wrote it last night at midnight but now I have to type it up hashtag effort.

This outfit post was suppose to be set outside in the sun but 'summer' has been gone since last Sunday and it is physically impossible to go out in the lashing rain. It's also incredibly dark and gloomy which is why it looks like it's nightime in these photo's. I wore this outfit to rehersals of the local play (I'm in the ensemble !) with my denim jacket but I've already worn this outfit many times since we got our holidays especially when we had an actual summer. I love the fringe-cut sleeves and ends on this tee I got in Penneys last year they give it a very festival feel. 

I hate to sound like a beg but while most Irish and British bloggers right now are asking to be nominated for the Posh Fashion Awards, I've different blog awards to talk about ! The Blog Awards Ireland 2013 is open for nominations and it would mean alot to me if you could nominate my blog in whatever category you think my blog fits into if that makes sense (e.g. Best Photography Blog, Best Personal Blog, Best Youth BlogBest Beauty/Fashion Blog or Best blogpost.) . Just a little side note, That if you're nominating me for Best Youth Blog I was born in March 1999. There are so many categories and you can nominate in every one of them but obviously not mine in every one of them because mine only suits a few hah ! Anyone of any nationality can nominate but the blog you vote for must be an Irish blog. Seeing as there are so many categories you should consider nominating one of the blogs on the side listed awesome people such as Niamh, Gaby, Maeve, Jane, Kate or Aveen ! The link to nominating is and thank you if you nominate Dainty Sprinkles ! 

P.S If you know of any good Irish blogs please comment below with them I have realised I read damn all Irish blogs so your suggestions are welcome ! 

See you's,

Grace x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Attempts at Milkmaid Braids

| No I'm not doing a blogpost on milkmaid braids but anyway |

Hi everyone, 

So I'm sorry there hasn't be a proper post in like two days but I was really busy today and the outfit photos I took weren't great because I was in a rush and the rain was about to lash down so I will try to get a decent outfit blogpost up tomorrow or Saturday because I'm not very happy with my blogposts or Instagram lately.

So some of you's already know that I have dyspraxia and sensory processing, etc. but I've realised I haven't really blogged about these kind of things in my fourteen months of blogging and I've been debating on whether to bring this up or not for a while since certain aspects of these 'issues' quite difficult for me to discuss and also that alot of people from school read my blog or they follow me on Instagram or something so they know I blog, etc. which I don't mind but it's just kind of awkward since I am an awkurd turtle. Speaking of that, A few months back I was finding it really awkward to explain my dyspraxia, etc. and why I didn't do P.E to some people in my class and my friend goes "so you find it difficult to explain it to people in class, but you easily tell the entire Internet on your blog". And then I realised 1. She had a point and 2. I haven't explained to you's on my blog before

So getting to the point, I am thinking of doing a 'series' kind of thing once a week during the summer about dyspraxia, Sensory processing, OCD, Social anxiety and more. I am really unsure whether to do this or not so I'd really appreciate it if you's could tell me whether you's would like to see a few blogposts on these kind of things and if there's any questions you have about dyspraxia or anything mention them too.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you's soon,

Grace x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Swing Stories

Dunnes collared dress | Penneys tee worn back to front | Dunnes shoes 

Hi everyone, 

This morning I woke up to the expected which was rain rain and more rain doom and gloom. Yes the typical Irish summer and arrived home from it's holiday to mainland Europe where it did it flooded everywhere.

Luckily though these outfit photo's where taken yesterday evening when it was not raining yet but covered in dark clouds and gloom so don't be fooled by the camera's flash lights ! I was wearing my Penneys teal green tea worn back to front rolled up the usual over this incredibly cute dress from Dunnes that I got a few months back. I thought it would be a waste of an outfit if I didn't show you's because I'll probably wear this combination so many times over summer especially with tights if the weather keeps up with this yes I'm back in tights because it is way too rainy and cold to go without them which sucks. I'm beginning to not believe in summer as if it's the tooth fairy or something I don't know.

See you's,

Grace x

Monday, 10 June 2013

My Eye Makeup Routine

Hi everyone,

Today I'm doing a very requested tutorial which is how I do my eyeliner and all that jazz. 
I've been asked numerous times on Instagram where I often post selfies of my makeup (sorry not sorry.) how I do  my eyeliner, etc. so I uploaded a tutorial to YouTube last night and a miracle has happened because Blogspot is letting me adding it to this post - Three cheers for Blogspot !

The story goes that recently I've been experimenting with my eyeliner seeing as I've a whole three months to play with makeup without being told it's to flamboyant or heavy although I must add that heavy makeup can make you look like a panda cake rather than someone experimenting with makeup. I've been applying my eyeliner alot thicker and even though I've messed up more than a few times being the dyspraxic I am, I am somehow getting the hang of it ! 


You'll see this in the video but I am aware that some of you's probably don't enjoy my videos as much as my blogposts so I'll just give a quick run through of how I do my eye makeup but it is more clearer in the video I hope because I cannot explain to save my life ! 


1. I try to remember to apply my eyeshadow before eyeliner to avoid ruining the eyeliner. I apply Essence eyeshadow in 60 Kermit Says Hello over my eyelids using my ring finger and then the silver out of the Essence Quattro eyeshadow in 09 Denim 4.0 to my inner corners and then blend.

2. I use Essence 2in1 eyeliner & I begin with a very thin line along my lash line. Sometimes I leave it like this but if I'm going for an exaggerated look I apply a diagonal line about two millimetres or so above my first line and depending how thick it is I fill in the gaps. I then finish off with a flick or wing as it's often called although my flicks end up looking like sisters rather than twins ! After this I apply a light layer of mascara.

3. I finish with lipstick not on my eyes but my lips. In this combo I used Catrice lipstick in 140 Pinkerbell which is very cute name I think ! My lipstick usually turns out way too heavy making me look clown like so I blot it down with a tissue. I sometimes wear 17 Lasting Finish lipstick in Showcase too or no lipstick at all. 

 So that is how I do my eye makeup, etc. . I hope you enjoyed this tutorial or took inspiration from it or I don't even know ! I'll be back on Wednesday with my next post so tell me below if you want to see an outfit or a review or anything else also tell me if you want to see more tutorials !

See you's,

Grace x