Monday, 10 June 2013

My Eye Makeup Routine

Hi everyone,

Today I'm doing a very requested tutorial which is how I do my eyeliner and all that jazz. 
I've been asked numerous times on Instagram where I often post selfies of my makeup (sorry not sorry.) how I do  my eyeliner, etc. so I uploaded a tutorial to YouTube last night and a miracle has happened because Blogspot is letting me adding it to this post - Three cheers for Blogspot !

The story goes that recently I've been experimenting with my eyeliner seeing as I've a whole three months to play with makeup without being told it's to flamboyant or heavy although I must add that heavy makeup can make you look like a panda cake rather than someone experimenting with makeup. I've been applying my eyeliner alot thicker and even though I've messed up more than a few times being the dyspraxic I am, I am somehow getting the hang of it ! 


You'll see this in the video but I am aware that some of you's probably don't enjoy my videos as much as my blogposts so I'll just give a quick run through of how I do my eye makeup but it is more clearer in the video I hope because I cannot explain to save my life ! 


1. I try to remember to apply my eyeshadow before eyeliner to avoid ruining the eyeliner. I apply Essence eyeshadow in 60 Kermit Says Hello over my eyelids using my ring finger and then the silver out of the Essence Quattro eyeshadow in 09 Denim 4.0 to my inner corners and then blend.

2. I use Essence 2in1 eyeliner & I begin with a very thin line along my lash line. Sometimes I leave it like this but if I'm going for an exaggerated look I apply a diagonal line about two millimetres or so above my first line and depending how thick it is I fill in the gaps. I then finish off with a flick or wing as it's often called although my flicks end up looking like sisters rather than twins ! After this I apply a light layer of mascara.

3. I finish with lipstick not on my eyes but my lips. In this combo I used Catrice lipstick in 140 Pinkerbell which is very cute name I think ! My lipstick usually turns out way too heavy making me look clown like so I blot it down with a tissue. I sometimes wear 17 Lasting Finish lipstick in Showcase too or no lipstick at all. 

 So that is how I do my eye makeup, etc. . I hope you enjoyed this tutorial or took inspiration from it or I don't even know ! I'll be back on Wednesday with my next post so tell me below if you want to see an outfit or a review or anything else also tell me if you want to see more tutorials !

See you's,

Grace x


  1. Great post! I always love learning about people's makeup routines. Your eye makeup looks beautiful!

  2. My friend is dispraxic and she can do better eyeliner than me:( I have a feeling that I end up looking like a panda cake a lot more often than I would like:P


    1. Omigod hahh it's like a meme "Awkward moment when ..." I get eyeliner all over above my eyes so I have to wash it off :( you can see it in the video because I forgot to wash it ! xx


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