Friday, 7 June 2013

Pretty Little Pouts

Mini haul in May L-R Topshop skirt (was on the reduced racks.) | Penneys bracelets | Essence Multi Action mascara | Catrice lipstick

Hi everyone !

This afternoon I came home from being on holidays in Westport which is why I haven't blogged all week.
We've had a "heatwave" which is when it's over twenty degrees Celsius since Tuesday and overall I enjoyed Westport although I didn't take many photos as my camera was dead so they're all on my iPod but if you'd like to see a photo diary tell me in the comments.

I'm planning on blogging every other day and uploading a video once a week or every ten days during the summer and I don't really have anything at the present moment to tell you's so here's some photo's, etc. I took back towards the end of May.

Also if there's anything you'd like me to blog or film about during the week please tell me !

Grace x


  1. the lipstick is gorgeous!

  2. Love that skirt :) Im obsessed with skaters! X

  3. I love Your clothes and your Bunnies are adorable!
    :) xox

  4. Cute pics, would love to see pictures of Westport :)

    1. Thanks :) I might put them up during the week xx


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