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The Missing Pieces #2 : DCD and Fine Motor Skill Difficulties

Hi everyone, 

This is my second blogpost in this 'series' and I'll leave the link to the first blogpost at the end incase you haven't already read it. Thanks so much for the feedback on the first post aswell you's are all too kind. Today I'm talking about DCD/Dyspraxia & fine motor skill difficulties. 

DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder.) or Dyspraxia affects my fine motor skills. I cannot ride a bike, Catch or throw a ball properly, Swim, Straighten my hair without burning myself, Tie my shoelaces, The list goes on. Not too long ago I couldn't plait my hair although it still looks ragged when I try and I also couldn't use a knife to properly either which is still a bit of a problem. I still have problems showering so it's embarrassing to admit that my mother sometimes has to help me wash my hair ! Not too long ago I couldn't walk up and down stairs and I still have to hold the banister & ask anyone at school and they'll tell you how slow I wobble up the stairs back in April I fell down the Area 2 stairs in school it wasn't fun when the teachers were getting worried and I didn't know how to explain that falling down a stairs was second nature to me ! I regularly fall into potholes or fall into anything and it doesn't help that my school shoes are too big for me. Another fun fact is that I didn't walk until I was two and didn't know how to put my hair in a ponytail until I was six ! I must emphasise though that I was let off lightly, Read Victoria Bigg's book on DCD 'Caged in Chaos' and you'll learn that some dyspraxics have worse coordination than me ! 

P.E has always been a struggle for me. I knows you's all probably hate P.E but my hatred for P.E is infinitive. In primary school it was fine even though some teachers gave out tonne for not being able to catch a ball, I didn't have the stress of changing in and out of P.E gear. When I got to secondary school I had to change in & out of P.E gear and uniform which takes forever and I was often late for classes. I was never picked for teams when playing games unless a friend was a 'leader' and me having to end up on your team was like the end of the world and in First Year lads were typical lads and moaned and jeered when I was crap in P.E but I ignored them because they were nothing short of a slap to be fairly honest. I am so thankful for the school I'm in now (since the beginning of Second Year.) I cannot praise it enough. In the school I was in in First Year there was no special needs department so I had to do P.E but I occasionally got out of it to go counselling. When I moved schools everything changed. There is a Special Needs Department if that is what you call it known as "Area 7" commonly known as the home of us 'spaz' 'retards' whatever insult suits. So many students go there for for various reasons but in sad to say there is still quite a negative stigma around it as I mentioned briefly above. I've been "spaz" and "retard" to and from there although the tables are turned when I salute my middle finger in front of the immature prats towards them. I did P.E until Mid-Term of October this year but I was taken out and now go to withdrawal hours instead where I do homework or study. It's awkward explaining to people why I don't do P.E but if they understand a bit more I don't mind attempting to explain. 

My handwriting is also affected by DCD. Most dyspraxics' writing is messy and unlegible alike mine & we can't hold a pen properly. Here's a few photos a few of me holding a pen from different angles and the others are Tolly Dolly Posh and Onegirlwithacamera who kindly sent me photos of them holding a pen so thanks a million, but I the URL of Emma's photo won't work so I'm really sorry I can't use it. 

You can probably guess who's who. I can't hold a pen properly at all and now in second year people think it's cool the way I hold it different & I'm like "no it's not you's don't have a huge lump on your right ring finger" Dyspraxics also have problems with maths although once I know the formula it is easier. I do Higher Level Maths & refuse to drop to Ordinary Level even if it means me failing in the Junior Cert next year because I know it will help me with Ordinary Level in the Leaving Cert. Us dyspraxics cannot concentrate at all ! I force myself to concentrate in most subjects although this tends to slip in Science & Music. The laboratory is a dangerous place for me ! I leave the glass handling to my friend Sophie click here for her blog who is my experiment partner ! If it wasn't for Sophie there would not be alot of science equipment left in Room 214 because of myself dropping everything. Organisation is apparently an issue so every once in a while my 'patient' friends Chyan & Nicole end up helping me tidy my locker since its in a permanent mess and then they do the honour of stealing my bag because I apparently taken to long up to Area 4 where we eat our Lunch on the floor beside some First Years, The stairs and bathrooms. My pet peeve is when teachers give you homework verbally just as you're going out the door because I end up forgetting to remember and take it down in the next class and therefore get a note or detention. Yay. So I am forced by my parents to attend Homework Club so I don't take five hours at my homework. I don't do brilliant at school although not to brag that I'm very proud that I got 3 A's 5 B's 2 C's & a D ( Maths.) on my summer exams which is pretty much a miracle. On a side note I have never cheated in an exam and am 100% against it cos one of my friends got 6 A's fair because she studied and she's clever but another person can get 6 A's cos they couldn't be bothered to study and then cheated on the day and then of course there's the rest of us who don't get just as good results but we might get told off for not getting an A but a cheater might be praised. How fun. My parents always say that I should never cheat but also that they will always be happy with my results even if I just pass which I'm very thankful for. 

Getting away from school when my mam found out I was dyspraxic she let me begin wearing makeup little by little. At this stage I'm proud to tell you that I can apply eyeliner mascara lipstick blusher the works rarely looking a clown which is something I will be forever proud of ! 

Famous dyspraxics to name a few are Florence of Florence & The Machine, Richard Branson , Daniel Radcliffe, David Bailey and Winston Churchill. Emily Bronte is thought to have had Asperger's Syndrome and the character Helen Burns in Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' who was dyspraxic is based on their sister Maria. It's often said that Dyspraxia, ADHD & Asperger's Syndrome are 'under the same umbrella' they're similar but have different traits. One thing that we all have in common is that we're all apparently very creative arty people with a bright imagination and you can see that.
So that's this week's post in this series. I hope you's sort of enjoyed it. I'm always conscious that I might not have fully explain everything or maybe forgot to mention something so if you've a question please please don't be afraid to comment here and ask or on my Instagram or Facebook or email me if you prefer that. Also thanks Tolly Dolly Posh and onegirlwithacamera for sending me the photos of them holding the pens for this blogpost, Also thanks Aveen who has really inspired me to not be afraid to write this 'series' of posts and thank you for all your nice comments, etc. and encouragement to continue this 'series'. 

See you's,

Grace x


  1. Brilliant post Grace! It's great to know about DCD, I never knew about it until you told me. Keep up the amazing work :D x

  2. Great post again grace! When you mentioned all of those famous people I was just like I had no idea! It's shows that you really can't let anything hold you back and from the sound of things your not! Much love :) x

  3. I really love reading these posts! They're so interesting and the way you hold a pen is cool! It's inspiring how you're so open about it and not afraid to tell your readers. Oh and your results for your exams are amazing xx

  4. I <3 you and I really need to get back to blogging! It's so important to know about DCD thanks for educating me! I just realized I wasn't following you on bloglovin :O but now I am so it's all good!


    1. Thanks Natalie :D I don't think I'm following you either on Bloglovin' I really need to get into the hang of Bloglovin', etc. ! Do come back to blogging I miss your blogposts !!! xx

  5. Great post again grace, they keep getting better, well done on explaining everything perfectly and you are very inspiring aswell :)xx


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