Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Blue Subtle Smokey Eye & Pink Lip Makeup Tutorial


Hi everyone, 

I am so sorry that I have been gone since Sunday but I've been procrastinating on filming a video and then I had four attempts at filming videos yesterday because the camera battery died and then by the time I went to upload it last night it was too late and the internet box had been turned off. So I got up at 7am this morning just to have finished uploading this video before I went out. Hashtag dedication.

Also thank you thank you so much for 150 followers ! I know that some people have like four or five hundred followers and they might've only started their blog a few months back, but I'm very grateful for my 150+ readers here. Can we make it to 200 by September ? Is féidir linn* ! Also don't forget to like the Dainty Sprinkles Facebook page as I've been posting more often on there. 

So I filmed a blue subtle smokey eye makeup tutorial (with a pink lip.) which is similar to a tutorial I did here last year only that tutorial wasn't a video and I did coral lips with it and furry eyebrows - Hey ! Did you notice my eyebrows are any neater than my last tutorial which I've since deleted. Anyway, I hope you's enjoy the video it took me ages and ages to edit and then I'll talk more afterwards.

 L-R : Essence Quattro palette in 09 Denim | NYC Individual Eyes palette in Central Park | Essence 2in1 eyeliner pen | Essence Multi Action mascara | Catrice lipstick in Pinkerbell

This is the finished result and the products I used above it. I know this type of makeup won't be to everyone's taste and I know that not everyone enjoys watching videos on blogs but I know I do. In the future, I think I'm going to do a neutral green makeup tutorial as it's very neutral but with a pop of colour.

Comment below what you's thought of this tutorial and I'll talk to you's on Friday when I'll be rambling on about sensory processing and social anxiety,

Grace x

* This means "Yes we can" in Irish. 


  1. I love this eye look grace! X

  2. I love this eye look! Those colours really suit you x

  3. Beautiful eye look! (You can post on my blog this Sunday, is that ok?)
    You're just amazing at makeup!!!

    1. Awh thanks Jane but I'm still trying to learn how to do my makeup without looking like I've a black eye hah and that's brilliant will I email you about what I'm doing ? xx

  4. that's so pretty, i love the lip colour xx


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