Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Dunnes Stores dress worn back to front | my mam's flip flops

Today was a bit of a lazy day but I'm out later because I have rehearsals. I think I told you's before that I'm in the ensemble in a local play during the month of August , It starts on Thursday so we had rehearsals last night and then again today and tomorrow so as you can guess I feel wrecked ! I'm rarely on my laptop lately but when I logged on today I found out that I've reached 160 followers here so thank so much everyone.

There is a funny story behind this dress. My parents bought me this dress up in Dublin when I was seven or eight, I think I was going to a family occasion. The dress was huge on me as long as a maxi dress and when we got home we realised it was for an eleven or twelve year old ! It only started fitting me properly like eighteen months ago so it looks normal at last thank god and my mam took these photos of me wearing this dress back to front the day before we visited Nannie which was about three weeks ago now. I really prefer wearing this dress back to front, It looks a little more sophisticated and also gives up a bit of a 60's vibe with the pattern and high neck. I wore 60's mod makeup and put my hair in a topknot to finish the look but I have no close up photos to show you's sorry.

I'm going to go now because I have to get ready - If I get time I'm hoping to film a video so fingers crossed I don't take forever to do my makeup,

Grace x


  1. You look lovely hun! and that's so cute your mum taking the shots for you ♥

    By the way I'm running a give away, if you're interested? ♥ http://stopmotionwords.blogspot.co.nz/2013/07/international-giveaway-to-celebrate-200.html

  2. Your hair looks really pretty up Grace! x



  3. Love your outfit :) and best of luck with the play :)xx

  4. Love the print on the dress - so pretty! You look lovely! Such a pretty blog!
    Rachael x


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