Saturday, 31 August 2013

I'll be flicking stones at your window I'll be waiting outside 'til you're ready to go

Penneys dress | Dunnes doc boots | Forever 21 owl necklace | Penneys bracelets
Listening to : Kodaline 'Brand New Day' (lyrics in title.) 

Hi everyone ! 

Today I ventured out to town with my mam in the shortest dress I've possibly ever worn was assisted by tights and doc boots. I love this dress from Penneys so much but this was my first time wearing it since I bought it in April because I've been conscious of the length ! The dress is such a statement piece itself I worn 60's mod makeup and studded spiky bracelets to edge it seeing as there's already spiky studs on the shoulders and then a cute owl necklace for good measure. By the way I don't know if you've noticed but I got my eyebrows shaped yesterday ! I'm so happy with how they turned out they look much better !

As most of you's know I started Third Year the other day which is the year we have to study everything we've done in ten or eleven subjects the past three years for exams as the end of the year called the Junior Cert. It's a bit like the GCSE's, You can >Google it< for a better explanation if you're not from Ireland and have no clue what I'm on about but basically this means I can only blog once a week and upload videos every fortnight. All my teachers haven't stopped talking about the Junior Cert and how we need to start studying and neither have I so you'll hear alot about it after I began studying tomorrow ! Also since returning to school more people have found my blog woo hoo such fun . My pencil case is famous ok. That last sentence was sarcasm by the way. 

Finally, I forgot to tell you's during the week there's been a change in the #tbloggers chat times. There's an un-hosted general chat from 9-10pm on a Thursday and a hosted chat with a topic on a Saturday from 8-9pm. I don't like to talk about others or negativity much on my blog but we've read quite alot of backlash to this change and I just wanted to say that Gaby gave everyone a chance to give their input into the changes and to speak up last week and we'd rather if people tweeted us directly if they have a problem with the changes. etc. thank you ! I cannot wait for the chat tonight it will be good fun. 

I'm off to take part in #tbloggers and watch X Factor see you's next week,

Grace x

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fresh Florals

Penneys blouse | Dunnes dress

An hour ago we dropped my brother off for his first day of secondary school and I think I was just as excited as him if not more ! He's probably found out who's in his Class Tutor by now and survived a half an hour of assembly but they probably had chairs and chairs at assembly makes everything better ! 

As usual I took these outfit photos yesterday but I'm sad to say that this is the last outfit post of the holidays. I didn't know what to wear with the blue collared dress so I put yet another collared garment over it which felt uncomfortable at first but then it was grand. This is a very floral-ly outfit - Like a lot of my outfits so I'm sure I gradually blended in with the outdoors. By the way I finally got camera batteries wahayy !

Above are Plum and Truffle. They spent the weekend relaxing in the sun and digging holes as you can tell by Plum's paws. Speaking of hopping animals, Yesterday morning a baby hare from the fields came hopping through our back garden, He had such a hop you'd swear he was on springs ! This is definitely my last post until the weekend. I return to school on Thursday and the last show and after party is that evening so I won't have time to even turn on a laptop when I get home. 

Saturday's blogpost will be about what's happening with Dainty Sprinkles in the coming academic year,

Grace x

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back to School Supplies Haul

After this being requested numerous times, I thought I'd show you's a back to school haul. 
Last week I filmed and uploaded a Back to School Supplies Haul which as usual won't show up but you can watch it here. Four days until I start Third Year *sob sob*.

1. Helix Coloured Fine Liners ~ My friend used these last year and they're very like the Stadeler fineliners - Just much cheaper ! As you's all know by now (since I've mentioned it a billion times.) I'm going to be studying alot this year and when I'm making my study timetable or taking notes I love colour coding and every subject, etc. has to have their own colour and I never have enough colours ! I tested them the other night when doing my study timetable and aaaahhhh they're so pretty - And yes I am the odd one who gets excited over different coloured pens !

2. United Office rollerball pens ~ These are just a set of 'inky pens' as I like to call them from Lidl. I've used them every year in school since Fourth Class which was half a decade ago now that I think of it and I hate saying I'm obsessed with something but I am obsessed with inky pens. Only thing is it does gets annoying when they smudge because I swiped my finger over the page by accident.

3. Tesco floral pencil case ~ This year I was on the lookout for a pencil case that would actually fit in my bag but still fit all the pens and rubbish. We were food shopping in Tesco and I found this floral pencil case which they also had in white with pink floral or green floral. I love this one because it has a bit of a country feel to it and even though I'm going to be a sheep (most of the school gets their pencil cases from Tesco and you end up with half your class having the same one.) it's a pencil case, It fits in my bag. I don't give a tomato. 

4. Tesco index markers ~ My mam thought these would be ideal for marking pages when I'm studying, etc. and they're all in different colours so I'll have fun deciding which one to use for what ! 

5. & 6. Water bottle and lunch box ~ I don't even know why I've included these in this ! The water bottle is BPA free (my mother loves this ;).) and best of all it has slot in the centre to put ice cubes down to keep your drink cold ! Hallelujah ! I love my water cold because lukewarm water is not cool (pardon the pun !) and I just love cold water. The lunch box is just a lunch box. It's not too big so alike the pencil case it should hopefully fit in my bag without hassle.

So that is my back to school haul, I know it was a bit boring because I didn't need much for going back but it was requested so I did it anyway ! I'll be back during the week with my last post of the summer,

Grace x 

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Dunnes cami | Evita skirt | Heatons jumper 

Yesterday after I got home from a sleepover I straggled outside to take outfit photos and luckily the dying batteries worked for about five minutes until my camera properly died so I got a few decent photos although the ones I'm smiling in turned out blurry so you'll have to put up with my pouting ! 

I love this outfit because it's very casual and I love wearing the jumper-hoodie around my waist. I originally was going to wear it over the cami for a more autumn-y look but it was way to warm so I just wore it around my waist.

I haven't talked about Plum and Truffle here for ages so here's a photo of them both a few weeks back. I'm getting batteries tomorrow so hopefully I can take some photos of them over the weekend - Plum is currently nesting so their house looks like it's been invading by cotton wool ! I start school this day next week so I've been trying to make the most of the last of the summer. I discovered last week that my mam's laptop has voice recording on it so I spent almost two hours editing a school hairstyles tutorial and when it began saving the stupid thing told me that it "couldn't save certain files". I already have a video up this week which I'll do a blogpost on over the weekend, but in the meantime I'm reuploading a tutorial I had to take down !
Grace x

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Cardigan worn back to front | H&M playsuit | Forever 21 necklace | school socks and shoes
(Look how long and beautiful them legs are ! Not..) 

My camera likes to die everytime I turn it on so I'm awaiting the day in my lifetime that I can say I'm the proud owner of a lithium battery camera that I can just plug in and charge when it dies. In other news, Ireland has been invaded by ladybirds and nobody can walk two feet without stepping on one or one crashing into your face while its flies around the air. There is at least fifty residing in the front garden and it's worse when you see the colonies of dead ones on the road. I wasted my camera battery on ladybirds. I've also for once in my life organised myself which I'll explain next week because I don't want to think about Third Year. I also cleaned my makeup brushes yesterday - Result !

Excuse my face in the above photos my makeup had half came off and the red lipstick wasn't showing up which sucks. I wore this outfit to the cinema with my mam and brother yesterday - We went to see The Smurfs 2. I think this outfit has a bit of a spring-y feel to it and the owl necklace finished it off even though it was back to front in all the photos. It's almost autumn now which means there's going to be a dramatic change in my style dun dun dunnn. All my winter clothes are very grunge style based so look forward to that and in future I will try to have my camera charged when taking photos so I look half decent in them !

Grace x

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Back to School : Light Coverage Makeup and Heatless Curls

I look so young in this photo oops oops

Today I'm beginning my back to school series late which I'm very sorry about and I'm going to show you's how to achieve an easy light coverage makeup look and heatless curls. I've also filmed a back to school haul which I'll be posting during the week and I was thinking of doing a "no makeup makeup tutorial" which sounds like a tongue twister sorry but it's just a makeup look that it suppose to make you look like you're not wearing makeup so tell me if you'd like to see that.

Clockwise : Random brush | Penneys lipbalm | Essence lipstain gloss | Essence lipstick in Sparkling Miracle | NYC Individual Eyes palette in Central Park | Maybelline Fit Me concealer | Garnier BB cream | Simple moisturiser | Blush brush | Maybelline Fit Me powder | Eyeshadow brush | Essence Multi Action mascara | 2in1 Eyliner | Clinique blush
As per usual the video for this tutorial refuses to appear on this blogpost so click here to watch it.
Here are the steps 

1. First we're going to apply moisturiser and lip balm. The moisturiser can work as a primer if you apply it well before your makeup.

2. We're then going to apply BB cream. You can leave this step out if you want, but I find that I very light layer of BB cream gives a good base for my concealer and isn't heavy or orangey. Don't forget to blend some of it down your neck and right to the sides of your face to avoid streaks and lines !

3. Apply some concealer under your eyes and on your 'problem areas' i.e break outs. I try to pat concealer lightly on my spots rather than blending it in as it looks more natural not like I just shoved a heap of makeup on it ! To set your makeup, Apply some powder. 

4. We're then going to do our eyes. You can use a primer or concealer to prime your eyes, Both are as good as eachother. 

5. Apply a beige eyeshadow all over your eyelids spreading from the inner corners outwords and also apply some on your lower inner corners to make your eyes appear more awake. We're also going to apply this eyeshadow to all over our crease stopping below the browbone. 

6. Then starting on the middle of our eyelids we're going to apply a gold eyeshadow out to our inner corners and on the bottom of our crease. Then blend altogether to avoid lines.

7. You can skip this step if you want but to finish off our eyes we're going to apply a very light line of eyeliner and the slightest bit of mascara. 

8. For our lips we're first going to use a pigmented lipbalm or a pink lipstick that isn't very pigmented or bright and apply with a lip brush or our index finger. You can also set it with a bit of gloss or lip stain.

9. Now for hair, The night before I slept in two plaits. When I woke up, I took the plaits out and ran through my hair with a brush you could also use your fingers and this just gives your curls a more natural look.

Above are the finished results. I really hope you's enjoyed this tutorial and that it helped some of yous,

Grace x


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Born in the Wrong Decade

Bella Moda crop top | Next maxi dress | Penneys bag | School socks and shoes

I was planning on posting my first back to school blogpost but that will have to wait until Thursday because I have to thank you's ! Not only did Dainty Sprinkles reach 30,000 pageviews yesterday, It also made the longlist in four categories in the Blog Awards Ireland ! I seriously cannot believe this and I owe a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog and those who nominated Dainty Sprinkles, I'm still in shock it's so amazing ! Dainty Sprinkles made the longlist of the following categories : Best Fashion & Beauty, Best Photography, Best Personal and Best Youth. Thank you thank you so much everyone, To be make the longlist of any category let alone four is just amazing I can't thank yous enough ! Congratulations to my fellow bloggers who also made the longlists, You can read the full lists here

In other news I'm currently revamping areas of my blog so be sure to check out my 'About Me' and 'Contact' pages both on the right hand side. This outfit I wore yesterday (Monday.) is very 1920's inspired. I did my Google research and the hem on dresses during the 20's were usually midway between the knee and ankle, The floral patterns were quite duller than nowadays and consisted more of browns with orange toned reds and dark pinks. My floral print maxi dress half does the job because it's gone slightly short on me so it's up my ankles now ! I added the crop top in for a pop of colour and this is my lazy day can't be bothered to wear tights outfit ! I bought this black rose headband last week so I wore it like a flapper hair accessory, It's a bit festival-ish as well like the floral headbands !

So thank you again so so much and I'll talk to you's soon, 

Grace x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pale Augusta

Penneys tee and chiffon collared dress | School socks and shoes
It is eighteen days until I return to school (Thursday 29th.) and for once in my life I am quite organised. I've used my calendar for the first time this year to sort out what I'm blogging about all this month e.g when I do an outfit post but not the actual outfit because there's nothing as fun as panicking what the wear the morning you realise you haven't taken outfit photos for tomorrow's blogpost ! 

My camera is dead or almost dead most of the time so on Friday I asked my mam to take these photos with her camera (Her fancy camera !) which is why these photos are brilliant all thankies to my mammy ! I figured I haven't worn this dress in a blogpost since April which is shocking so I teamed it up with a red t-shirt worn back to front and slightly rolled up, The usual. This outfit is very August-y in my opinion and it reminds me of the Big Bang Theory, I don't know why !

Also if you're wondering, The #teenagebloggerchat went brilliant on Friday evening, I can't wait for next Friday's one. I'll be back during the week with my first Back to School blogpost,

Grace x

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Penneys blouse | Topshop skirt | School socks and shoes | All bracelets from Penneys I presume

I'm really sorry that I'm standing stiff and awkwardly in these photos but lately no matter what way I stand I look awful and a half oops but way to go starting a post off positively Grace ! I wore this outfit on Saturday when I was going to the amusements with my friends read my blogpost here about it and I love this combination of the floral blouse with the maroon skirt plus the socks and shoes. It gives off a late summer vibe although in saying that, This is wasp-bee season and they might think you're a 5"1 flower if even that tall. Later on I paired black opaque tights with this outfit so I didn't freeze to death.

Right now as I blog this I'm sitting on the floor, Sipping peppermint tea and blowing my nose (pleasant.) as if I have all day. You'd never think that I still have to upload a video to my YouTube, Empty crisps that spilled all over my bag and put on BB cream and the likes. Oh yes, I've also to eat dinner, Change into my costume and ask my mam to plait my hair. All this before 6.30pm, I am mental because it's almost 4pm.

Above is my rubbish quality July Favourites video if you'd like to watch that. I'm about to upload my first back to school video and I'll do a full blogpost on that next week. In the meantime, Don't forget to click here to vote for this week's #teenagebloggerschat topic which is tomorrow at 8pm ! I'm so excited I am doing my messed up seal flipper dance (Basically me flapping my hands about like mad.) I hope to see some of you's online !

Grace x 

Monday, 5 August 2013

DAY IN THE LIFE #2 : Waltzers, Junk Food & Being Socially Awkward

On Saturday afternoon, Myself, Vivien and Aveen met up in town for the festival.  Aveen writes a brilliant lifestyle blog 'The Random Life of Aveen' click here & decided this should be our 'Day in the Life' collab which we've been organising for weeks so here we go and stay tuned until the end of this blogpost for a special announcement. P.S sorry the formattings really odd !

The three of us - Aveen, Vivien and myself - Met outside the amusements at 3pm except there was some fault and therefore they didn't open for another twenty minutes. While we were waiting it started lashing rain and I was the only one without a hood or umbrella ! Finally it opened and everyone rushed in. 

First Vivien went on the 'Skyfall' ride which we call the 'umbrella ride' because of the umbrellas above the seats and it reminds of a merry-go-round just an extremely high one because it goes so high me and Aveen were like "Holy cow we're not going on that !" It's not as high as the G-Force though which looks over the whole time it's so high but I've no photos of that unfortunately. 

After that Aveen, Vivien, Our friend Bronwyn & her brother went on the waltzers. Then Vivien and Bronwyn went on the Skyfall - Again - So me and Aveen bought some junk food ! Aveen decided to be really stereotypical fair goer & "mature" by getting candy floss and I bought popcorn which was slightly tasteless in my opinion. And we had to really annoying and take a ton of photos of eachother and selfies eating ! We then went on the waltzers together which was so much fun even though I felt like getting sick ! When we got off it we saw so many people we knew and let our true social awkwardness shine. *Sees person we know* Mutters : Ok ok go around the other side go go go hurry up there is people here ok they didn't see me phew" we sound very rude but I promise you we're not ! Before we left we went on the waltzers again. It was much funner this time but I kept crushing Aveen over sorry Aveen ! I don't have any photos of any of us on the waltzers though. 

So that was our afternoon at the amusements everything else was sorta boring. I think I'll do one of these at the beginning of each month, The first two so far have been collabs so I might continue that and tell me if you's enjoy these type of posts and want more ! 

My next blogpost will be my outfit that day so stay turned for that and also - Gaby has came up with the idea of a teenage bloggers chat and has asked myself & Jane to help her with it ! It's going to be on for an hour every Friday at 8pm  and it's for all teen fashion beauty or life bloggers ! We are hoping to start this Friday and you can click here to visit the Twitter for more info and use the hashtag #teenagebloggerschat ! Hope to see a few of you's there.

See you's soon, 

Grace x

Friday, 2 August 2013

Starry Eyed

Today was the first day of the bank holiday weekend and the local festival, etc. is on and the amusements are back ! Tonight I watched a fashion show and then myself, Evan and our cousins went on the bumper carts & they were on the waltzers. I'd swear most of the town come out of hibernation or a cave, Tonight I saw into so many people especially from school and I'm here like "Keep going keep going just say hello I don't have the social skill to talk to people ok" you's all probably think I'm so rude oops.  Luckily touch wood it didn't rain tonight but my family were going home earlier so I left too which is why I'm blogging now and then tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Vivien and a few others in town for the day .... And evening ! I didn't take any food, etc. photos today but I will tomorrow. I'm really sorry I've rarely blogged this week, I've had play rehearsals all week and then last night was our opening night and guess what - We got a standing ovation ! It was so much fun, I can't wait for the next seven performances !

This evening I wore all Dunnes Stores except for the bag and shoes ! I love this blouse so much mainly because of the leather collar and pop of colour. I then wore my star studded denim shorts and I hate myself in shorts but oh well and then I'm also wearing my favourite black bag from Penneys which I bought a few weeks ago. I haven't raved about this yet but I've just filmed my July Favourites so you'll hear me ramble in that !

I'll talk to you's again over the weekend, 

Grace x