Sunday, 25 August 2013

Back to School Supplies Haul

After this being requested numerous times, I thought I'd show you's a back to school haul. 
Last week I filmed and uploaded a Back to School Supplies Haul which as usual won't show up but you can watch it here. Four days until I start Third Year *sob sob*.

1. Helix Coloured Fine Liners ~ My friend used these last year and they're very like the Stadeler fineliners - Just much cheaper ! As you's all know by now (since I've mentioned it a billion times.) I'm going to be studying alot this year and when I'm making my study timetable or taking notes I love colour coding and every subject, etc. has to have their own colour and I never have enough colours ! I tested them the other night when doing my study timetable and aaaahhhh they're so pretty - And yes I am the odd one who gets excited over different coloured pens !

2. United Office rollerball pens ~ These are just a set of 'inky pens' as I like to call them from Lidl. I've used them every year in school since Fourth Class which was half a decade ago now that I think of it and I hate saying I'm obsessed with something but I am obsessed with inky pens. Only thing is it does gets annoying when they smudge because I swiped my finger over the page by accident.

3. Tesco floral pencil case ~ This year I was on the lookout for a pencil case that would actually fit in my bag but still fit all the pens and rubbish. We were food shopping in Tesco and I found this floral pencil case which they also had in white with pink floral or green floral. I love this one because it has a bit of a country feel to it and even though I'm going to be a sheep (most of the school gets their pencil cases from Tesco and you end up with half your class having the same one.) it's a pencil case, It fits in my bag. I don't give a tomato. 

4. Tesco index markers ~ My mam thought these would be ideal for marking pages when I'm studying, etc. and they're all in different colours so I'll have fun deciding which one to use for what ! 

5. & 6. Water bottle and lunch box ~ I don't even know why I've included these in this ! The water bottle is BPA free (my mother loves this ;).) and best of all it has slot in the centre to put ice cubes down to keep your drink cold ! Hallelujah ! I love my water cold because lukewarm water is not cool (pardon the pun !) and I just love cold water. The lunch box is just a lunch box. It's not too big so alike the pencil case it should hopefully fit in my bag without hassle.

So that is my back to school haul, I know it was a bit boring because I didn't need much for going back but it was requested so I did it anyway ! I'll be back during the week with my last post of the summer,

Grace x 


  1. That pencil case is really pretty :) x

  2. I really enjoyed reading this grace!
    I love coloured fine liners for studying and your pencil case is really pretty :)

  3. ahh i love your pencil case! I got mine in Tescos last year :P I'm still using it! I badly need to get a drink bottle too! Great post xx :)


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