Thursday, 31 October 2013

Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy, But they're the only friends that I have.

*Not my photograph. Source : Facebook*
My mam's dress | New Look coat | Penneys blouse | School shoes 
Lyrics : "Can We Dance" by The Vamps

Happy Halloween !!! I can't believe tomorrow is November and Halloween and autumn are over, The months are flying by faster than I ever thought they would. I went into town with my friends Aisling and Vivien and myself and Aisling were all done up as some kind of zombie-skull like character so you can imagine how rich we would be if we had a euro for every odd look we got walking up and down the main street. Before we met up with Vivien, These little kids were terrifying us, but eventually we couldn't avoid them any longer so when we walked by one of the small smart asses yells something along the lines of "Looking good" and Aisling just yells back "THANK YOU !". We were abiding the "yolo" laws but really the words "yolo" and "swag! should just be illegalised since they make every living specie on the planet want to curl up into a ball and mentally punish whoever came up with "yolo" or "swag" or whatever. I don't live in an estate and none of my friends do so I'm spending the evening eating junk food with my family - Earlier we had dinner in only the candlelight (I make sure this happens every single year without fail.) and we ate pizza (but they weren't homemade.) garlic bread and myself and my brother drank lemonade. 

Aisling wanted me to do her makeup for Halloween and originally I was suppose to be recreating Michelle Phan's Cyber Gothic Anime look on her but when we test runned it last night that didn't exactly go to plan so instead I combined elements of Vampires, Zombies and Candy Skulls into one look and then decided to paint that on my face too ! It didn't even take too long but it wasn't super quick either (cough cough Aisling can't keep still cough.) but in the end I'm really happy how the makeup turned out. As for my outfit, I wore a blouse under the same dress I wore last year click here to see that and that dress is my mam's and then it was quite cold so I wore my winter coat. I alsoplaited my hair yet again and put a black hairband over it to finish the whole monochrome look.

I hope you's' had a brilliant Halloween and I'll talk to you's soon,

Grace x


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Don't you think that it's boring how people talk

|Catrice eyebrow pencil and brush duo | NYC Individual Eyes palette in Central Park | Essence gel eyeliner in 03 Berlin Rocks | No7 Sheer Temptation lipstick in Sassy |
Lyrics : Tennis Court by Lorde

Today I thought I'd show you this makeup I did inspired by the music video for Lorde's "Tennis Court".
Her makeup in the music video click here to watch it is really neutral and then there's her lips which are so powerful as they are a very dark colour either burgundy or plum - I cannot distinguish which ! Her hair is also in milkmaid braids which make the whole look even more simple but still a statement. The look coincides with the concept of the actual music video where she just pouts and stares at the camera. I think the concept is to show that simplicity is still so effective and I really think it's amazing how simple the whole entire video is and it definitely shows that you don't need to a really controversial or flamboyant music video to be noticed.

I really do love this makeup so I thought I'd give it a try myself and as I did, I filmed myself attempting it and I was delighted with how it turned out and even though it's not an exact copy of the makeup from the video, It's not a million miles off either ! I applied my ordinary BB cream, etc. on my face as the makeup is suppose to be very light and neutral, I also applied blush. Lorde has very full eyebrows so I brushed mine to give them more of a shape and filled in a gap with an eyebrow pencil. You can barely see the eye makeup in this video so I just applied a pigment of eyeshadow closest to my skin pigment all over my eyelids and from my crease to the browbone. If you look closely, Lorde is wearing a chocolate brown eyeshadow in her crease slightly winged so I did exactly that and winged it out. Little or no eyeliner is worn in this video so I applied as little as possible and finished it off with a teeny layer of mascara. For the lips, I applied a dark violet gel eyeliner because I'm crazy and then finished them off with some berry lipstick for a less deep look. As for the hair, I had neither the coordination or clips to attempt milkmaid braids so I settled for plaits.

You can watch my tutorial here and you can tell me what you think of this look in the comments,

Grace x


Monday, 28 October 2013

Baby be the class clown I'll be the beauty queen in tears (PreHalloween 2013 Photo Diary.)

Twilight a few weeks back
montage of the ghost clown makeup I did yesterday evening - I'm gutted the tutorial didn't work out
I've been loving Wednesday Addams style plaits lately
 My brother and myself with our pumpkin teddies which we've had for atleast ten years 
This was my mam's idea for poor Plum and her family of chins. Truffle creeping in the backround also.
Homemade pizza, Garlic bread & Salad - Yum !
Skull decoration which the light up setting makes my camera go ape ! 
My journal as a result of Class Tutor boredom - Had no homework to do !
My annual PreHalloween nails !
Little glance of my hair and makeup on Thursday for school
 Lyrics : Tennis Court by Lordes

 After a Halloween tutorial I spent ages filming failed editing, I thought I'd share photos' of it as well as other random Halloween themed photos so I hope you's don't mind the over-spam of photos. I did similar posts to this last year and you can click here and here and here to read it if you really want a laugh.

Enough with embarrassing myself, Halloween is really one of my favourite times of the year and I really love October too. I'm really sad that I didn't get to blog that kind of stuff as I'd like to have this month so I'm very nostalgic for October 2012 again !

A few of my friends and I are going into town on Thursday i.e Halloween in full Halloween gear. I'm also doing my friend's makeup for Halloween so we're just going to be casually strolling around town in the afternoon looking like weirdos but we don't really care ! I'll be sure to take photos and share them with you's so stay tuned for that,

Grace x


Saturday, 26 October 2013

See the sun go down It’s going on down, and the night is deep

Mam's old jacket | Penneys jumper | Dunnes jumper | Penneys skirt | School brogues
My brother Evan and myself 
Lyrics : Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend

Today was the first day of midterm break 2013 and besides the fact it rained yet again, It was quite a productive day ! Myself and my family had fizzy orange/coffee/biscuits in our favourite coffee shop and went for a wander - In my case that meant stalking the Boots aisles for fifteen to twenty minutes. We also put up Halloween decorations and we have Plum and Truffle inside right now.

Unfortunately we didn't have a non uniform day in school this week and we all thought we were going to ! I plaited my hair like Wednesday Addam's yesterday instead in true Halloween spirit but forgot to take a photo of it so instead I'm compromising by showing you's my plaits today. My go-to outfits right now consist of jumpers, Blouses & circle skirts with my brogues and with the brown jacket for a bit of a less girly feel and then Jane's ootd a couple of weeks back convinced me enough to begin wearing my cat ears again and it's all rainbows when I wear them out until every second person I see decides to stare as if it's plain wrong. The frightened looks I get from children who don't look any older than six is awkward too.

Before I go, I wanted to thank you's all so much because last night Dainty Sprinkles hit 40,000 views ! I know that the analytics aren't overly accurate but I still find it crazy and unbelievable that a blog I write has been read near around forty thousand times - It's crazy and I can't thank you all enough ! Also before I go, I wanted to mention that the #tbloggers Halloween themed chat is on right now for all teenage bloggers or basically anyone and I'm late for it so I better go and hope to see some of you's there !

Grace x


Saturday, 19 October 2013

The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell right to the top

Mam's jacket | Dunnes dress | F&F jumper | Forever 21 necklace | Penneys cat ears hairband | School brogues
Lyrics : It's Time by Imagine Dragon

Today I went into town as myself and Vivien had to take photographs of shops misusing apostrophes or not using any at all in their names or notices. Myself and Vivien asked Aveen of The Random Life of Aveen to come along with us which she did and we had a brilliant afternoon !

Vivien and Aveen both had their cameras on them (I was modest with my iPod no I'm joking not modest.) and I was wearing cat ears which all generated more than a few odd looks from people but we're just like "Ah well !" and carry on. In the rain. It was honest to god lashing rain and we're just there walking up and down in the torrential rain so you can imagine how dedicated we are to our schoolwork but seriously. Our umberellas were soaked, We ourselves were soaked, We were just soaked.

Vivien went home early and it was still raining but me and Aveen wanted to film a few videos but the benches everywhere were soaked and the shopping centre bathrooms were packed so we decided to walk to Aveen's house and film there ! Assisted by Pepsi in fancy mugs and Oreo biscuits we filmed a school rant-ish video which should be up tomorrow on my YouTube channel ! We didn't get to film any more videos after that but we're going to film a ton over Mid Term.

As I'm typing this it is lashing outside, I can hear the water pouring from the drains - I'll be surprised if I get sleep tonight ! Because it's the week before mid term I've a ton of tests this week plus I have to sing in music class on Wednesday which I'm dreading ! I'll tell you's all how I get on next weekend,

Grace x


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Snow White Vampire Makeup Tutorial (Collab.)

I'm so excited because I'm doing my first Halloween post of the year ! This is a collab with Kate, Jane and Gaby (Click on their names for links to their blogs.) and we're doing horror blood centered look inspired by classic Disney princesses such as Sleeping Beauty or Ariel. Their blogs are amazing and their tutorials will be too so don't forget to visit their blogs and follow. Three of us did videos along with this and unfortunately mine only uploaded on Sunday after a week of trying to edit and now won't link to this blogpost but I will have it linked throughout this post, I'd recommend watching it for a better idea on what to do !
 But on with the look ...

Today I'm showing you's a classic Snow White fairytale look - Plot twist ! She's really a vampire, Couldn't you tell ? So into my mirror I said "Mirror, Mirror, On the wall. Who would I like to be this fall ?"
 "As red as blood, Dark as the night sky, Pale of the ghost" 
"Oh yes !" I gushed to the haunted mirror, "It must be Snow White !" 

The mirror told me, That with a few simple steps, 
"Your wish will be granted, You won't need my help !"
You can read the tutorial in text
Or click on the numbers to watch the video !

1. First we will will need a dark grey eyeshadow to apply all over the eyelids to give a cold dark look.
2. Using a peachy blush, Begin applying under thee eyes and from the crease to the browbone to create a swollen effect. On the areas closest to the lower lashline and eyelid, Use a darker blush.
3. To finish off our eye look, We're going to apply a thin line of eyeliner and a layer of mascara.

4. Onto our lips, Apply a red lipstick, It can be bold or natural.
5. Next we're going to apply a berry lipstick or lipgloss over the red to create an intenser look. The lip should get darker as we move towards the outer corners as we're aiming for an ombré effect.
6. Finally for lips, Use a black eye pencil or lipstick if you have one and begin applying to the outer corners blending it in as we move towards the centre.

Onto the best part - Blood and wounds ! I'm combining dark neutral eyeshadows with fake blood for this. At this time of the year, You can buy fake blood at Supermarkets, Pound shops, etc. .
This part of the tutorial is quite difficult to explain, but I'll try my best. If you'd prefer to watching the application be sure to click on the numbers to watch the video.

7. I'm first applying two thin lines of fake blood down either side of my chin beginning under the outer corners of my lips. You can use black eye pencil again for the transition of lips to blood. Keep applying to the bottom of your chin and slightly down your neck. The blood should sparser to give the illusion that it has been there for a long time.

8. For a more realistic look, We're applying dark brown eyeshadow over the fake blood once it has dried.

9. As you're reaching the bottom of the chin, Begin applying the peachy blush over the brown eyeshadow. The blood should start to slightly peal off but don't worry. We want it to look like this section of the blood has dried in, Being there for a long time and is beginning to bruise and scab.

10. We're also going to apply the peachy blush to around the "wound" to create a swollen and irritated look. Use the deep blush on the areas closest to the blood as it should look the most irritated.

11. Now we're going to draw a tear of blood running from one of our eyes - You can draw several tears running from both if you'd like ! We're going to repeat steps 8 & 10 although keep in mind that this is not a wound but running blood.

12. Last for blood, We're going to create blood running from the outer corners of our eyes and you can create them whatever way you like, Using steps 8 & 10 once again. I created scars running through the blood as well using step 9.

13. Finally we're going to apply grey eyeshadow to our cheek bones to create the illusion that our faces are very cold and pale.

"Here's your reward for following my steps
Now you'll never eat dangerous apples again
Instead you'll be hunting the forest at night 
Looking for traces of blood in sight"

As always, I hope you's enjoyed this tutorial and enjoyed Gaby's, Jane's & Kate's too.
I will definitely be posting more Halloween inspired looks between now and Halloween night so please request any spooky posts you'd like to see !

Grace x


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Because I'm doing this for the thrill of it, Killin' it Never not chasing a million things I want

F&F jumper | Penneys blouse | Topshop skirt | School shoes
 Lyrics : Tennis Court by Lorde

This morning I got half an inch of the ends of my hair and then myself and mother (jokes. I just call her mam.) went looking around the shops. This afternoon I filmed my first Halloween tutorial which will be up next week and now I'm talking to my friend Aisling on Facebook and helping my mam with dinner - We're having homemade pizza. Life story in sixty four words. I'm going to watch X Factor later and talk to fellow #tbloggers but I think I'll procrastinate because the thoughts of editing a Halloween tutorial is daunting.

I love this outfit so much. It reminds me of a fairy tale book although the colours are quite dull but I've an excuse - It's autumn ! Unfortunately my favourite burgundy skirt which I'm wearing in these photos above will soon be put away until spring so my legs don't freeze off throughout the winter.  

I better go now to clean my mess of a room after filming and eat dinner,

Grace x