Saturday, 5 October 2013

Because I'm doing this for the thrill of it, Killin' it Never not chasing a million things I want

F&F jumper | Penneys blouse | Topshop skirt | School shoes
 Lyrics : Tennis Court by Lorde

This morning I got half an inch of the ends of my hair and then myself and mother (jokes. I just call her mam.) went looking around the shops. This afternoon I filmed my first Halloween tutorial which will be up next week and now I'm talking to my friend Aisling on Facebook and helping my mam with dinner - We're having homemade pizza. Life story in sixty four words. I'm going to watch X Factor later and talk to fellow #tbloggers but I think I'll procrastinate because the thoughts of editing a Halloween tutorial is daunting.

I love this outfit so much. It reminds me of a fairy tale book although the colours are quite dull but I've an excuse - It's autumn ! Unfortunately my favourite burgundy skirt which I'm wearing in these photos above will soon be put away until spring so my legs don't freeze off throughout the winter.  

I better go now to clean my mess of a room after filming and eat dinner,

Grace x


  1. This outfit is so adorable!! I absolutely love it! You have an amazing blog!! :)

  2. Why are your outfits always so damn terrific!!!!!!!??????? I bet you can't answer

  3. You're ootd's are always so lovely! wish I had hair as long as yours ! :)x

  4. I love autumn SO MUCH and I feel like this outfit IS autumn, if autumn were an outfit. These photos are beautiful too, the colours in the backdrop are beautiful. SO MANY AUTUMN VIBES xxx

  5. Your outfit is gorgeous, the colours are so lovely and your hair is ughh.. fab! xo


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