Friday, 22 November 2013

How long will I love you, As long as stars are above you

 New Look coat | F&F jumper | Penneys blouse | Dunnes Stores beanie | Skirt from local shop 
Lyrics : How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding 

 Today I wasn't in school again as this time, I went up to Dublin for an appointment to do with my scoliosis ! There was an X-Ray done and it turns out that the curve of my spine is thirty nine degrees which I don't think is really bad but it does mean that from now on I have to do some kind of exercise every day of the week for an hour to avoid surgery ! I'm not very active or motivated but my mam is describing this as a "lifeline" so if you's have any motivation tips or ideas for exercising at home I will love you for ever because I don't do PE in school and the furthest I've gone when it comes to exercising is running on the Wii Fit which I will end up getting bored of if I do it continuously every night. Oops.

We went to a shopping centre this afternoon before we came home and I'm feeling all festive after hearing a Christmas song for the first time this year in New Look ! The sky was pitch black by the time we came home , My camera is dead and we've no batteries hence why these photos are very dark and slightly blurry since I'm not so skilled when it comes to my nanny's camera. I loved my outfit so much today and it made me feel particularly warm and cosy during this cold winters day. I've been wearing my hair in one side plait lately since I am still going through a braid phase and personally, The messier the plait - The more I love it ! I keep forgetting that it is almost December now so I have to remind myself in the mornings to apply hand cream and wear a hat and gloves ! 

I'm going to go now as I'm going to watch I'm A Celebrity with my nanny who won't mind me saying that it's her favourite programme right now. Also I have almost a hundred subscribers on YouTube so thanks a million, Click here for my channel if you'd like to subscribe, 

Grace x



  1. For the exercise, try jogging :) if that's not your thing, see if there's any pilates in your area or try blogilates' workouts...

    Amazing outfit xox

    1. Thank you :D I think I'm going to look up blogilates over the weekend when I get a chance xx

  2. Beautiful outfit!

    You could do some ab exercises at home and for more details search in pinterest!:)

  3. I'm so glad that you are feeling festive. It's definitely a great time of year :)

  4. this outfit is so pretty, and I love the plait! I do Zumba once a week - I HATE dancing and a fitness class involving dancing should be my worst nightmare, but I love it! Bring a friend with you and it can be hilarious, providing you don't take it too seriously! I also have a knee condition that means I can't run without it being extremely painful, so this is a nice alternative, I recommend! xxxxx

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestions ! I'm doing Transition Year this time next year so I'm definitely going to do Zumba then xx


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