Saturday, 30 November 2013

Inside this place is warm Outside it starts to pour

Dunnes dress | Penneys jumper | Dunnes over the knee socks | no idea where my hats from | School tights and shoes
^^^ my mam took this photo above it is not mine ^^^
Lyrics : Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood 

I'm slowly adjusting to my mam's camera and I feel as if I've became fluent in using the self timer. I'm still awful at focusing and brightness though which is why the outfit photos are not near brilliant. Every time someone walks by the mincemeat mix you're suppose to stir it except there's a Christmas cake mix beside it so I end up getting distracted and begin to nibble. In the end, Mam took out the tub of glacĂ© cherries and we dipped one each in icing sugar and poked a cocktail stick into them creating lollipop lookalikes. 

My outfit today reminds me of festivals which is solely down to the hat. Last year I wore the same jumper over a similar collared dress so I decided to put together a similar outfit alternatively using the navy blue dress. My hands felt like ice cubes whilst I was taking these photos although my legs most definitely didn't since I was wearing my beloved over the knee socks that unexpectedly went way further above the knee than I'd imagined oops. None the less, I still love the pattern and glitteriness and they're keeping me extra warm over tights which is a bonus ! 

My Christmas exams begin on Monday and I am one hundred and one percent petrified as my memory tells me that I have not studied enough ! I'm about to study a few subjects and it's a Saturday - A Saturday ! I've never studied on a Saturday before so that is a first. Although, I have to add that there's been way too many first times surrounding studying lately one is that I actually studied for history rather than cramming twenty minutes before the exam starts - 'Buladh bos' for me alright, 

Grace x



  1. I absolutely love the dress as skirt look you've got going :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Love the outfit!
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  3. I love that song & this outfit!


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