Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dainty Sprinkles' 2013 Recap

Since today is the final Dainty Sprinkles post for 2013, It seemed only right that I did some kind of annual roundup post even though I don’t really enjoy celebrating the New Year ! The style of this post i.e month by month, etc. is inspired by Tolly Dolly Posh’s 2013 post – Just saying incase it looks as if I copied, Oops.

For me, 2013 wasn’t rather interesting or hectic compared to previous years such as 2012. In terms of blogging, My blog has definitely grown and I’ve also began making YouTube videos – Both I am very proud of. I’ve also gotten to know lots of amazing bloggers on Twitter – Especially through the #tbloggers chats. It’s crazy since one or two of the bloggers I’d often be chatting to, I’ve been obsessed with their blogs for ages so when I first chatted to them I kind of fangirled !

WARNING I SOUND SO SOPPY NOW ALERT ALERT OH SUGAR ! Everyone in my family were in good health throughout 2013 which is more important than anything else and they still manage to put up with me which they deserve a thousand medals for because I can hardly put up with myself ! I’m so thankful to have a supportive family even though I don't always get along with them and I'm generally a pain in the a*se they support me through everything ! Not only that I also have the maddest of friends at school who I’ve gotten to know loads of other people through. On a personal note, I feel that the fun fun fun oul’ social anxiety or anxiety in general has slightly began to improve over the past few months although I still manage to turn up at art class panicking for a whole forty minutes because I didn’t have a large folder and then I lost my picture and I still don’t know how to use the printer and everyone’s talking and I’m just sitting there awkwardly like “lol definitely going to get that A in the JC. No not really.” Or worse still is when I always reply to people having conversations in my head except then SOMETIMES I SAY IT OUTLOUD BY ACCIDENT LIKE WHYY ! Sarcastic mumble of “Why aren’t you a lovely person” anyone ? Ok lets not begin talking about awkward school situations ! Happy New Year, Happy New Month, Happy New Day, Happy New Hour, Happy New Moment ! May the odds be in your favour although between you and me a little bird told me that it’s going to be an awful year. Jokes. It will be wonderful. I hope.

I spent all yesterday evening making the month name e.g January edits and then putting all the photos in collages which is why this post is quite late so I hope you's enjoy and thanks so much for reading Dainty Sprinkles ! Lets begin the post with a celebratory llama dance !

The Nighttime Distractions // Rarely Seen In Pink // Burgundy and Gold
January was a great start to 2013 and strangely enough, I can say that I honestly love every blogpost I posted that month. I discovered photo editing and played around with different effects which were the making of posts such as January Junk and The Nighttime Distractions which are two of my favourite posts I've ever done because they were so fun to both photograph and write. They were inspired by the mysterious photoshoots in Rookie Yearbook One and the theme of January 2012 'Up All Night'. I loved all of my outfit posts in January especially  Rarely Seen In Pink and Burgundy and Gold since they were all very full on in terms of patterns and textures. I began wearing more shorts which is something I hadn't really worn before but I discovered that they could be paired up with so many different pieces of clothing.

Decades Inspired Outfits of the Week // 'Snow Is Falling, All Around Me' // Pancake Tuesday

February was another fun month in terms of blogging. I posted less photography replacing it with makeup tutorials ! I was desperate to begin YouTube videos but I wasn't allowed yet so my tutorials were in written form. I did a Decades Inspired Outfits of the Week featuring every decade from the 1960's right up the the 2000's ! The makeup tutorials I did where inspired by the decades too and were posted once a week during February. It also began to lightly snow during February making the weather extremely cold ! February wasn't a great month for me as anxiety crept up on me creating all sorts of havoc such as meltdowns and the works which pretty much ruined family occasions.  

During March there seemed to be photographs of cakes all over Dainty Sprinkles because it was both my birthday and Easter - It was also my brother's birthday too but I don't think I put up a photo of the cake. It was so cold, Light snow fell again and it snowed on the day of my birthday ! I also did an Easter collab post with Kate//Jane//Gaby and I took some of my favourite photographs of Plum and Truffle yet. My favourite outfits I wore that month was the Easter inspiration outfit because of the sweets and springtime the pastel colours resembled and the outfit I wore on my birthday because I loved the simplicity of the blouse with the navy skirt and the black necklace. Both outfits reminded me of storybooks such as Alice in Wonderland and clothes I wore when I was younger. I also created an Instagram account which opened a whole new can of worms. 

Dainty Sprinkles' first birthday was on the second day of April and in celebration, Not only did I do a celebratory llama dance but I began a YouTube channel ! I filmed on my iPod and to be quite honest my videos were cringey and awful. I finally had a tripod (thank you Nanny !) so taking outfit photos were far more easier. I also got the ends of my hair dyed ombré which was pretty much the best thing ever and I can't wait to get it redone in 2014 since my hair has grown alot since then. Something I forgot to say about March was that on the day I created my Instagram I linked it to my Facebook (personal account not blog one.) by accident meaning that until I removed the app on Facebook, All of my Facebook friends who also had an Instagram linked found my Instagram which was meant for my blog and everytime someone from school liked a photo of mine more people followed meaning that alot of my year know about my blog & YouTube. This used to make me panic the whole time in school because I know that not everyone's going to have a positive opinion on it but it doesn't bother me anymore - I'm doing a blogpost about this in 2014 ! 

Teen Vogue used to do a feature on their website called "Reader Beauty Look of the Day" so I sent in a photo of my ombré hair and the makeup I wore and then about two weeks later I got the hugest fright when I went on teenvogue.com found what I'd sent in as Reader Beauty Look of the Day ! I was literally like "OMIGOD OMIGOD OMIGOD" and I even put a screenshot of it on my Facebook page which was a big step because it had my blog name in it but quite frankly I was so excited and shocked I didn't even stop to worry about it ! My favourite outfit I wore during May was a very preppy outfit consisting of a red cardigan and blouse with denim shorts & wacky brogues it was different to what I'd usually pair blouses with and it was the perfect weather for shorts !

At the beginning of June, I went to Westport, Mayo on a family holiday and I never got around to doing a holiday diary style post but you can see some photos of the holiday on my Instagram. We were lucky enough to experience a heatwave whilst on holiday and it was roasting day and night. I also asked you all if you'd like to see a series explaining Dyspraxia, Anxiety, etc. and you did ! The four blogposts were very difficult to write but the response was amazing. I'm hoping to do more "Missing Pieces" posts in the future one I'll hopefully be posting over the weekend. My eyeliner went very heavy and my makeup looked dreadful so lets just close a door on that ! 

In July, Ireland was sent yet another heatwave which lasted the entire month ! It was absolutely crazy, The temperatures reached thirty degrees Celsius and it didn't rain at all which is abnormal like this is Ireland, It doesn't happen, Our summers are generally cold and full of rain ! The weather was amazing and I spent most of the month outdoors on the swings and we ate dinner outside for the entire month ! Because of the beautiful weather, I had the opportunity to finally wear a ton of summer clothes and I honestly cannot pick a favourite outfit from this particular month although I particularly love "Whitewash" which is inspired by 60's mod makeup and fashion. Dainty Sprinkles reached a milestone of 150 GFC followers The heatwave of July 2013 is definitely a month every Irish person will remember in years to come !

I'll be flicking stones at your window I'll be waiting outside 'til you're ready to go // Born in the Wrong Decade // DAY IN THE LIFE #2 : Waltzers, Junk Food & Being Socially Awkward 

August was yet another brilliant month in terms of weather although it did cool down very slightly. The August bank holiday weekend festival took place where I live and I had great fun at the amusements with my friends Aveen & Vivien - We took selfies eating junk food. I was over the moon yet again when Dainty Sprinkles made the longlist of four categories in the Blog Awards Ireland ! I loved all the outfits I wore during August but my favourites would have to be "I'll be flicking stones at your window I'll be waiting outside 'til you're ready to go" which is the most popular outfit post on Dainty Sprinkles & Born in the Wrong Decade a 1920's inspired outfit. These two outfits contrast eachother since one is quite simple but the other is full of patterns. Gaby created #tbloggers chat on Twitter and asked Jane, Tolly and myself to host some of the chats and I created the Twitter icon, etc. on PicMonkey. I love #tbloggers as I've got to know so many fellow teen bloggers through it and it's something I look forward to each week. During August, I was in a local summer play that took place twice a week for the duration of the month and the day it finished, I also returned to school beginning Third Year which was daunting but it was great to see all my friends again. 

Little grey fairy tales And little white lies // In between the lines Is the only place you'll find What you're missing But you didn't know was there // Late at night, In the dark, I close my eyes And suddenly everything is gone 

September wasn't very interesting here on Dainty Sprinkles since I was back at school and was too lazy to do anything at weekends but I did see the One Direction film twice which was pretty much the best film ever pardon the pun even though I'm not really a Directioner or anything. Dainty Sprinkles made the Blog Awards Ireland shortlist in the category "Best Youth Blog" I was so delighted and thankful ! It wasn't very cold in September so I took advantage and made the most of the kind weather when choosing outfits ! My favourite outfit post of September was "In between the lines Is the only place you'll find What you're missing But you didn't know was there" as I loved how the burgundy colours looked against my straight ombré hair, The outfit was quite different to what I'd usually wear.

Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy, But they're the only friends that I have // Baby be the class clown I'll be the beauty queen in tears // Snow White Vampire Makeup Tutorial

October was one of my favourite months - If not my actual favourite month of the year ! I got into the spirit of Halloween, Filming lots of makeup tutorials for my YouTube channel which I've since been using for my Art project for the Junior Cert. Aveen and I filmed our first Awkward Sprinkles video and drank cola out of Starbucks mugs because we're fabulous. No, Not really. Another collab I did was scary alternative Disney princess tutorials with Gaby, Jane & Kate. I did a vampire Snow White and it turned out exactly as I'd hoped for. I also did a makeup tutorial inspired by Lorde's 'Tennis Court' music video and took tons of photos surrounding Halloween decorations and sunsets. On the day of Halloween I went into town with my friends Aisling and Vivien and I did Aisling's makeup - We both went as some kind of vampire zombie and received lots of odd looks whilst walking down the main street.

Got a little soul The world is a cold cold place to be // How long will I love you, As long as stars are above you // Inside this place is warm Outside it starts to pour 

November was a bit of a boring month which resulted in taking two days off in one week - One was designated like the whole school were off for the parent teacher meetings and the other was on the Friday to go to Crumlin because I got an appointment for my scoliosis and it turned out that my spine had a curve of 39 degrees meaning I had to do daily exercises which I've been trying my best to do - I began doing them properly on Sunday. My favourite outfit post of November was "Got a little soul The world is a cold cold place to be". I loved the cold colours of purple blue and white plus the wind made my hair appear crazy ! I also love the rings I wore - They're my favourites !

It's the hap -happiest season of all // Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, Ring-ting-tingling too // May your days be merry and bright And may all your Christmases be white 

December is of course the most recent month to document and it hasn't been a bad month. We had our Christmas Exams the first week of the month so I wasn't under alot of pressure the rest of the month but I had alot of work to do in subjects such as Art. Aveen and I filmed another AwkwardSprinkles video - This time a Christmas themed ramble and Aveen managed to photobomb at least half of the Christmas decoration photos I took ! I participated in Jane's #ChristmasBloggers series which was a lot fun since I had an excuse to take lots of Christmas-sy photos. Since my camera broke, I used my mam's big camera for the month of December which was the best thing ever and now I miss not having to worry about photos messing up because of my shaky hands ! We also had a nonuniform day in school which nobody expected ! The last week of school was brilliant not only because my friends & I did Kris Kindle but I put up tinsel on Area Four stairs where we sit by every day at lunch which particularly mortified my friends Chyan, Emma and Mary and then Aisling, Vivien and I wore santa hats ! On the weekend of Christmas, My family and I went out for dinner and then we went Christmas light spotting which was hilarious ! On Christmas Eve, My mam and I got our hair done in the hairdressers and myself and Mai/Lucy Santa tracked Santa. I had a lovely Christmas Day with my family but I preferred the build up to the Day itself.

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And for my 2013 playlist !

Thank you so much for reading Dainty Sprinkles during 2013 - Whether you only began reading it today or you've been reading all year or even before that ! I can't even find the words to describe how happy blogging and YouTube makes me and the fact people enjoy my fashion and makeup rambles makes me even happier so thank you !

Happy New Year and I hope 2014 brings you great luck and happiness,

Grace x


Sunday, 29 December 2013

If you love somebody Better tell them while they're here 'cause They just may run away from you

Penneys lace dress | Penneys jumper | Dunnes tights | school brogues 
my new camera which I love so much
santa stockingg
my brother gave me a Christmas candle and a book about Andy Warhol which I can't wait to read
I bought Rookie Yearbook Two with some Christmas money !
Lyrics : Imagine Dragons 'On Top of the World'

Last weekend I finally found a perfect and affordable "goth like" dark vapy lipstick in Boots ! Today I bought it with some money I received as part of a Christmas present and the lipstick is Gothic Glam in 3 Revenge by Collection if you're wondering and I've been searching around for a lipstick like this since the summer so you can imagine how delighted I was - I didn't do a celebratory llama dance, I promise ! Whilst I was in town with family I saw the knee high socks I've been goggling over in Dunnes on salefor €2 so I bought the navy pair above. They're so cute with the brown buttons and two quid is seriously good for a pair of socks, Thinking back I should've bought another pair in a different pattern ! I knew that both would look brilliant with my outfit today but unfortunately I forgot to put on the socks when I returned home before taking outfit photos. 

My outfit today is a bit all over the place, I don't really know where my 'style' is taking me lately and I'm confused at what to wear or what suits me. I always feel like the navy lace dress has a bit of an edge to it whilst still appearing girly so depending on how I style it, I can wear it either way. I don't think you can limit a piece of clothing to one 'genre' such as 'bohemian' or 'gothic' as it comes down to what top or shoes you wear it with or what makeup - if any, You wear. 

Huge sob because today is the last post for this year of #ChristmasBloggers - Thanks a million to Jane for organising the series and making each post so fun to write, I know I didn't participate in all the posts and sometimes I even forgot to say the post was a part of this series but I had great fun participating ! The final post is showing what you received for Christmas and I uploaded a video like this yesterday which you can watch here but I feel very uncomfortable uploading this as I don't like to appear to be 'bragging' and I'm not. This was quite requested and I love reading/watching 'What I Got For Christmas' so if you blogged/filmed one please leave a link to it in the comments ! I thought I'd show you what I received from my parents and my brother and then my Santa stocking - I obviously thanked them in person as I am very thankful for what I received and I'm not sure if they'll read this or not so very awkward "thanks again !" *BIG VIRTUAL HUG BECAUSE I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA WE NEED TO NAME IT* 

Also, I bought Rookie Yearbook Two with some money I received for Christmas and it is amazing I stayed up until 2am the other night reading so stay tuned for a big post on that ! 

Grace  x

Thursday, 26 December 2013

May your days be merry and bright And may all your Christmases be white

Cardigan worn back to front | Penneys blouse worn underneath | Penneys skirt | Dunnes tights | School tights
Essence Long Lasting lipstick in 02 with 17 Longlasting lipstick in Showcase | Eyeliner free in Company magazine back during the summer | Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Mono in 640 Don't Touch My Mosserati ! | Essence Quattro palette in 12 Purple Day 
Lyrics : White Christmas 

Despite not waking up until 10am, I had a lovely Christmas Day yesterday ! I received a camera from my parents so I don't ask to pester anyone to borrow theirs' any longer. I've had this outfit planned since August which is quite awkward. I love the girly combination of the blues and whites. It's quite monochrome but the blue gives a pop of colour. I think the red lipstick compliments the navy blue as well. 

Today I filmed a 'What I Got For Christmas' video but it didn't save because my laptop is irritating. I'm going to film a Get Ready With Me in the morning and if you'd like to see that on here, Please tell me ! We're having a #tbloggers general chat about how our Christmasses were on Twitter right now so click here to join in the fun ! I hope you's all had a brilliant day and I'll talk to you's soon,

Grace x


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town

New Look coat | New Look jumper | Topshop skirt | Penneys hat | Forever 21 gold owl necklace | other necklace is from Amsterdam
Today I wore different shades of a red toned brown eyeshadow palette using the lightest skin tone shade all over my eyelids, The orange-y shade on my crease and darkest brown shade in the outer crease and on my outer lower lashline. I highlighted my inner corners and brow bone using white eyeshadow. I also wore less exaggerated winged eyeliner, Unusual heaps of mascara and a vibrant red lip. 
Lyrics : Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Merry Christmas everyone ! It is currently a half an hour past midnight and I'm taking full advantage of the one night only privilege that is the Internet box being left on. Today was most definitely the best Christmas Eve that I can remember, Despite the fact it was freezing cold and there was a very strong gale. My mam and I got our hair done in the hairdressers and then ourselves and Dad & Evan had lunch out which was delicious. For the fourth year running, I woke up at 7am to track Santa using noradsanta.org although since I was busy throughout the day I'm only beginning to properly track now ! Although I didn't do a tracking liveblog this year, My friend Mai did so be sure to read her blog by clicking here

As I said earlier, Today was quite a blustery cold day although we were lucky enough to miss the storm. Dressing appropriately for winter weather, My hat fell off over a dozen times whilst in town so I settled for half wearing it on the back of my head as it was going to land there anyway ! My skirt is of quite light material so I'd recommend wearing knee high socks over tights if you're wearing light skirts or dresses even though I didn't do that myself today oops. My cranberry jumper is very cool temperature friendly so I paired that up with a coral tshirt underneath to keep myself warm and then of course I have my winter coat over my outfit and the best thing about this coat is that the hood is like a scarf so without tying it you can bring it around your neck and it's of very bulky material so I find wearing scarves with it feels slightly uncomfortable. 

Plum and Truffle came inside for the evening and they're as gorgeous as ever ! I realise that I haven't mentioned them on here in ages since I don't go outside to them as much as I used to since I never have them time to but I have plenty of time to spend with them over the holidays. Plum has grown so huge it is scary - And her family or furry chins that expand when she lies down are adorably hilarious ! Truffle's coat has changed colour again and it's of a very dark brown now and she was so cute in response to my mam's camera - She kept leaning towards it to photobomb Plum or even to photobomb herself ! 

Before I go, I want to wish all my readers a very happy and safe Christmas for you and your families. Don't forget to stuff your faces with lots of food and tie your Christmas tree to the wall so the cat doesn't knock it over ! I hope you's have a brilliant day and thank you so much for reading my blog - Knowing that there are people out there who enjoy my blog is the best Christmas present ever ! Ok I'm going to go now because I'm becoming all cliche and awkward - I spent twenty minutes working out how to write "happy Christmas" on my Facebook earlier without sounding cheesy or stupid so I just settled for an awkward "Happy Christmas everyone :D" 

Good night,

Grace x


Sunday, 22 December 2013

It's the hap -happiest season of all

Next maxi dress | Jumper used to be my mam's | Penneys hat | My uncle gave me the scarf for Christmas last year so you'd have to ask him | Dunnes over the knee socks | School brogues
17 Lasting Finish lipstick in Showcase | Essence 2in1 eyeliner | NYC Individual Eyes palette in Central Park | unnamed neutral eyeshadow palette |  17 eyebrow pencil

Lyrics : It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Harry Connick Jr. .

With almost two days left to Christmas Day I am finally feeling all festive and cheerful after doing the remainder of the Christmas food shop in an empty shopping centre with my family last night and then going Christmas light spotting which is when we drive around the estates and countryside looking for houses that have exterior lights in on their houses or even trees ! We also went out for dinner too which was really yummy and we got two new chickens yesterday - This time they are white and we named them Fudge and Ivy. They're very sassy and have been flying all over the place already so there's our third generation of potentially vicious chickens ! My mam has also baked some more muffins and a mini Christmas cake so I took full advantage and took a few photos, Myself and my brother are helping her bake tomorrow so watch out for photos of that. 

On Tuesday, My friends and I gave the person we got for Kris Kindle their present, I love doing this every year since it's fun guessing who got who. On Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, To most of my friends' embarrassment, I hung up tinsel at lunchtime on the stairs in Area Four where we sit at lunchtime ! By the end of the week I was only bringing it in to annoy everyone (cough cough Chyan Emma Mary.) but the strangest thing was that we got more strange looks from some of the second years who sit near us and the teachers on Wednesday than any other day and that was the day the few of us who wore santa hats throughout the week were santa hat-less ! We had a half day and basically did nothing on Friday which was straining because I hate doing nothing which sounds weird. I also sent ecards to my blogging friends and I made an alphabetical order list on Microsoft Word of the email addresses because sometimes I'm too organised and other times I'm not organised enough !
I love the outfit I wore today so much, I feel like it has an early twentieth century feel to it especially since my maxi dress no longer reaches beyond my ankles although it doesn't bother me especially since midi skirts are everywhere at the moment. I stuck with a colour scheme that was largely brown-toned for this such as the moss greens and burgundies. I love all the berry colours too as they all feel wintery !

Grace x