Friday, 6 December 2013

But if you never try you'll never know

New Look jumper | Penneys blouse | Skirt from local shop | School shoes and tights
Lyrics : 'Fix You' by Coldplay
I'm sorry for looking awkward times a thousand, but I don't know what to do when other people take a photograph of me and the rest turned out all derp face thanks to my awkwardness which was funny for about five minutes until I realised I'd sabotaged my own blogpost. Every conversation lately ends up in me pulling a weird face which is awkward. Hashtag disclaimer. No. Another disclaimer, My spell check isn't working at the moment so if all my spellings are wrong it's not because I'm lazy. Sorry.

So yesterday it was announce that we had a nonuniform day today and I was like "OH YES OH YES" and while everyone else was panicking over the 'short notice' I was just smugly in the corner "I planned my outfit in October ok" like I've been waiting over a year for this ! So I wore the usual berry jumper which you's know by now that I love love love and I was extra cosy today since I wore my blouse underneath it although I fear that I ripped some of the end of the material by accident as I have an awful bad habit of tugging onto the ends of my sleeves while walking the corridors. And then my skirt is of quite heavy material so I didn't freeze to death in that either but it did keep on going high waisted every time I walked hence me fixing up my skirt so it's not showing off my thighs all day. I love nonuniform days though and we only get them once a year so now I am feeling the post-nonuniform day sadness ok ! 

I've attempted Vlogmas the past two days but I am procrastinating on life right now so I haven't got around to editing nor uploading that either. In other news, I have also failed to acknowlodge the existance of the Christmas season since we aren't decorating the house until Sunday and I have adopted a YOLO-ish attitude to life which has landed myself in more awkward situations than I'd wish to be in. I have to dry my hair now and leave the comfort of my room so tell me if you's have been doing anything interesting in preparation for the season you're expected to be jolly, 

Grace x


  1. I love this outfit. I'm always wearing jumpers and dresses- they will never go out of fashion. Used to love non uniform days at school! :) Gisforgingers xx


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