Sunday, 29 December 2013

If you love somebody Better tell them while they're here 'cause They just may run away from you

Penneys lace dress | Penneys jumper | Dunnes tights | school brogues 
my new camera which I love so much
santa stockingg
my brother gave me a Christmas candle and a book about Andy Warhol which I can't wait to read
I bought Rookie Yearbook Two with some Christmas money !
Lyrics : Imagine Dragons 'On Top of the World'

Last weekend I finally found a perfect and affordable "goth like" dark vapy lipstick in Boots ! Today I bought it with some money I received as part of a Christmas present and the lipstick is Gothic Glam in 3 Revenge by Collection if you're wondering and I've been searching around for a lipstick like this since the summer so you can imagine how delighted I was - I didn't do a celebratory llama dance, I promise ! Whilst I was in town with family I saw the knee high socks I've been goggling over in Dunnes on salefor €2 so I bought the navy pair above. They're so cute with the brown buttons and two quid is seriously good for a pair of socks, Thinking back I should've bought another pair in a different pattern ! I knew that both would look brilliant with my outfit today but unfortunately I forgot to put on the socks when I returned home before taking outfit photos. 

My outfit today is a bit all over the place, I don't really know where my 'style' is taking me lately and I'm confused at what to wear or what suits me. I always feel like the navy lace dress has a bit of an edge to it whilst still appearing girly so depending on how I style it, I can wear it either way. I don't think you can limit a piece of clothing to one 'genre' such as 'bohemian' or 'gothic' as it comes down to what top or shoes you wear it with or what makeup - if any, You wear. 

Huge sob because today is the last post for this year of #ChristmasBloggers - Thanks a million to Jane for organising the series and making each post so fun to write, I know I didn't participate in all the posts and sometimes I even forgot to say the post was a part of this series but I had great fun participating ! The final post is showing what you received for Christmas and I uploaded a video like this yesterday which you can watch here but I feel very uncomfortable uploading this as I don't like to appear to be 'bragging' and I'm not. This was quite requested and I love reading/watching 'What I Got For Christmas' so if you blogged/filmed one please leave a link to it in the comments ! I thought I'd show you what I received from my parents and my brother and then my Santa stocking - I obviously thanked them in person as I am very thankful for what I received and I'm not sure if they'll read this or not so very awkward "thanks again !" *BIG VIRTUAL HUG BECAUSE I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA WE NEED TO NAME IT* 

Also, I bought Rookie Yearbook Two with some money I received for Christmas and it is amazing I stayed up until 2am the other night reading so stay tuned for a big post on that ! 

Grace  x


  1. Love your whimsy girl :)

  2. Love the outfit! I have to think of a name for your camera, is it a guy or a girl? Hehe.. thanks for the mention and don't worry you didn't sound like you were bragging at all (tbh no one seems to actually brag in WIGFC posts/videos anyway) xx:)

    1. Awh thanks :) and idk after reading Rookie it could be both haha ! xx

  3. Great blog!! Happy New Year!!
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