Thursday, 31 January 2013

Can We "POP" Up The Fields PART 1

Hey everyone,

This weekend we went up the fields and it was so bright, Pretty and beautiful, because the sun was out and the skies were blue so I brought my camera to take some photo's.

Grace x


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Rarely Seen In Pink

Dress bought so long ago I cannot remember | Bella Moda crop top | Dunnes Stores hoodie | Pulse Accessories turquoise rose hairband | Dunnes Stores floral doc boots | Handbag used to be my Mam's | Umbrella was a gift from my Godmother a long time ago| 
Hi everyone,

Today I had school flashmob practice and then afterwards me and my friend met our other friend (Hello Cripple if you're reading :P xx !!!) and we went up town and had lunch. I also tried vanilla Coca Cola for the first tine and it was pretty yummy but it still kinda tasted just like ordinary cola to be honest and I've still to try cherry cola !

It was slightly drizzly when I was taking these photo's which is where the kiddy umbrella idea came from and the quality was dreadful and lacking in colour because it was so dull outside, but I managed to edit them and make them look pretty and colourful.

Also ! I spied Taylor and Hannah - Fearless Fashion of Tomorrow on Teen Vogue's Fashion Click ! Click here for the link to the post and don't forget to follow their blog (link above.) ! Congrats Taylor & Hannah, You's really deserve to be on Fashion Click and I can't wait to read more of your posts :) !

Grace x

Friday, 25 January 2013

January Junk

TIP : Click on images to view in best detail

Hi everyone !

I got great feedback from you's on my 'The Nighttime Distractions' post so I decided to do another one with photo's taken over the course of the month of January. There are also ones on my Blackberry from when my camera was dead, but the theme of those photo's coordinate with the next post like this I'll be doing during February.

I gave my calculator a bit of a makeover a few weeks ago in Maths class using my friend's pink and turquoise Sharpies which are the coolest two colours ever ! I also spent last Saturday afternoon watching my Come Fly With Me DVD  seeing as I've watched the Mrs Brown's Boys DVD too many times for it to be funny anymore because I remember all the jokes. By the way, No make-up on in any of the photo's in this post amen't I *so natural * ?! 

Last Sunday I took some last minute photo's for this post before I edited them all, When myself and my brother found some colourful old balloons in the kitchen. I drew faces on mine because I was in need of a balloon buddyyy. (Yes this is impersonate a Facebook Friend Month on Dainty Sprinkles.) What do you think I should name my new balloon buddies ? The red one's currently missing, It could be under my bed.

These are all edited in one way or another, Some are very obviously edited.
I use Photobucket to edit all these and during January I found some really fascinating editing functions.
If you're wondering how I edit some of these photo's, I use Overlay and I always use the Subtle Effects in Effects - I'm not giving away all of my editing secrets ! 

One last thing I promise, Thank you so much for the lovely responses to my last post.
The comments I receive on Dainty Sprinkles are so nice and always make my day :').

That was long - Happy Friday !
Grace x

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Burgundy and Gold

Dunnes Stores chequered shorts | TK Maxx striped jumper | My school shirt | Dunnes Stores red leopard boots | Pulse Accessories brown leather bow hairband | Claires Accessories chunky necklace | Grey and silver studded belt taken off old jeans | Tights.
Hi everyone !

I went to watch the local Panto last night and this is the outfit I wore.
I thought the colours and the shirts would be a great combination, but I think now the bun in my hair doesn't go great with the outfit, but atleast the 'messy bun' worked out and didn't turn into the 'falling apart bun' !

I love my silver studded belt (the flash made the studs look multicoloured up close.) and the gold chunky necklace, I think they really finished off the outfit. I also tried applying my 17 lipstick with my baby finger and as you can see, The results of that attempt were slightly smudgy and bitty because I didn't put enough lip balm on underneath the lippie, but the red still stood out so I think it looked nice with the outfit.

Also have any of you's woken up to blankets of snow yet ?
Literally every British blog I read have photo's of their snowy gardens up, but I don't think it's reached alot of Ireland yet. Oh well, We still have plenty of time left to get some winter weather.

Grace x 

Friday, 18 January 2013

What's in my Handbag

1. Pocket mirror | 2. Wallet | 3. Foldable bag | 4. Blackberry | 5. Notepad |
 6. Pen | 7. Lipglosses | 8. Note paper | 9. Spare hair clip.

Hi everyone !

~ Last weekend I sorted out my handbag so I decided to do a post of my tidier handbag.
I don't know where my handbag's from, because my Mam used to own it and then she gave it to me, but the whole material is so pretty.

~ I'm most definitely 100% sure that these photo's were taken last weekend seeing as my Blackberry turned itself off during school on Tuesday and hasn't turned on since. : Sad Face : .

~ I'm going to see the local Panto (Abbrev : Pantomine.) with my brother tonight and I can't wait seeing as I know alot of the people in it so look out for a photo of my outfit tomorrow ! 

Grace x

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Twas The Month Before Spring

(what am I doing above ? Guesses are acceptable.) 

Hi everyone !

This afternoon I was in town and I decided to go for a softer look in both my make-up and my outfit.
It was absolutely freezing today so I obviously put on the coat afterwards, but I regret not wearing a hoodie as well.

Grace is wearing
H&M floral playsuit
Penneys jumper
Dunnes Stores floral doc boots
F&F @ Tesco tights
Penneys purple beanie 

Some of you have probably already seen this on Facebook, but a while ago I saw these two pairs of shorts in Dunnes Stores and obviously fell in love with them because they're so stylish but didn't buy them. Today I found them reduced and bought them for ( above left.) €3 once €12 and (above right.) €5 once €14. I couldn't believe I got both pairs for only €8, Totally worth the wait.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Grace x


Friday, 11 January 2013

Nails of the Moment #1

Hi everyone !

It is finally the weekend and I thought I'd do a new series this term of my nails week by week.
My camera batteries are dead at the moment anyway and I have to charge them so no real good posts until I remember to charge them, These photo's were taken on Sunday !

This week I'm wearing 17's crackle top coat over Essence Colour & Go.
It look so pretty and glamorous, but to be honest I didn't like the crackle effect as much as I liked Barry M's ones. It started wearing off on Tuesday so yesterday (Thursday.) I painted some purple and glitter nail polish  over it, but I messed up on my right nails by putting too much on.

If you want to see a particular colour of nail polish or nail art on my nails comment telling me and I'll see if I have that nail polish - I don't have every colour of nail polish, but I do have two and three shades of various colours !

Also this week, I reopened my Dainty Sprinkles Facebook page. I find Facebook pages for blogs, etc. really handy because I log into Facebook before I log into Blogspot, etc. and I can see if my favourite bloggers or YouTubers have posted which is really cool. Anyway ramble over, If you have a Facebook and want to 'like' Dainty Sprinkles here's the link -

Hope you all enjoyed this post,
I'll see you soon,

Grace x